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Meet the drifter part 71: Markus Denk.

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Sarah: So, introduce yourself to Drivetribe.

Markus: Hello, I am Markus Denk and I am an Austrian drifter.

Sarah: What age were you when you first got behind the wheel?

Markus: Without an engine, I cannot remember. With an engine, I think I was maybe 10 when I parked my dad’s Opel Omega 3000.

Sarah: What was the next step for you after that?

Markus: Enjoying some good winter rides with my dad. But bedside that not much happened until I got my driving license.

Sarah: What was your first 'legal' set of wheels?

Markus: Oh lord, it was a super discreet Skoda Fabia. With a strong heart, some proper suspension and nice rims that was enough for the first month.

Sarah: What first caught your attention about drifting?

Markus: I was lucky to grow up only 15 minutes away from the next racetrack. Once in a month there was some free driving on wet track with some guys throwing their E30 around.

Sarah: What age were you then?

Markus: At 18 (yeah very late to start something like that) I tried my best but crashed the old E36 several times. Then I wanted to stop before it even has started.

Sarah: What made you think, I could actually do that?

Markus: I think the one who is responsible for that, is my older brother. He bought an E36 M3 and competed in the Drift challenge Austria. Back then I was his mechanic but I knew I had to get back behind the steering wheel.

Picture Credit: ing_jay2019

Picture Credit: ing_jay2019

Sarah: What was your first proper competition car?

Markus: An absolute awesome E46 328ci. This car is in my hands for 9 years now and made the transformation from a streetcar with 4 cylinder to a race car with 6 cylinder and ended up with a V8. It is a turnkey fun car. A better love story than twilight I would say.

Sarah: Why did you pick the car that you have now?

Markus: I picked it because the E46 suits me like a glove. I have the experience on the different parts and it is a real beauty on track. My current choice is a E46 S50 Turbo.

Sarah: So you've been a spectator and a competitor. Has it good side bad sides etc?

Markus: As a spectator, you are not in danger to crash your car. That is good. Everything else is worse as a spectator than as a competitor.

Who needs doors anyway?

Who needs doors anyway?

Sarah: Best aspect of drifting for you personally?

Markus: I can’t describe this feeling when I’m behind the wheel. You have to combine speed, style, line and at the same time you to react in a fraction of a second to put all this aspects together. Unbelievable!

Sarah: One thing you could change about drifting what would it be?

Markus: I would love to see equal technical rules in every competition.

Sarah: Whose you best friend(s) you've made through drifting? Why?

Markus: My brother will always be very important. We run similar cars, but have a different view on drifting. With this combination, we have achieved a lot. The Kavalir Brothers became close friends too. If I look abroad, I would name Nasser Almuntairi, Sebastian Matuszewski, Alexandre Strano. I think every drifter is happy to hang out with people who share the same passion.

Team work makes the dream work!

Team work makes the dream work!

Sarah: Have you got any advise for anyone wanting to get into drifting?

Markus: For the start get as much seat time as possible. Don’t spend money on fancy things. If you want to switch to competition, use a common chassis and build it right. Don’t try to save money on the wrong parts.

Sarah: Are you glad/happy you got into drifting? Why?

Markus: I could not imagine doing something different. For me it is the best form of Motorsport. Every race weekend is like a short holiday with crazy people.

Sarah: One thing you hate about drifting from any aspect of it?

Markus: Failing parts, which cause big accidents. Crashing the own car is one thing, but taking out your opponent because of technical issues is shit.

Sarah: Tell us a random fact about your drifting career to date?

Markus: Every time I destroy my car in training or in battles, I do a comeback and finish in Top 4.

Sarah: You have drifted and battled with some world famous drifters, who was the best and why?

Markus: It was Marco Zakouril in his M5. I was irrelevant if I went full throttle or took out some speed. He was always at my door.

Sarah: If you could meet or battle against one other famous world known drifter who would it be and why?

Markus: On the start line, it makes no difference who is sitting in the other car. But if you want a name, I would choose James Dean.

Sarah: Endless amount of money for a new car and build what would it be and why?

Markus: I had a dream of using an Aston Martin. Now it’s too late. Best choice would be a bulletproof tank with zero maintenance and pure fun. Maybe in some years, who knows.

Sarah:When it's time for retirement what do you want to be remembered for in the drifting world?

Markus: As the guy who never gave up the real drifting tumbler. . Maybe something like that. After retirement I would love to build special solutions for drifting.

Big thanks to Markus for doing this interview, if you would like to follow him and his team on social media I have listed the links below!





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