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Meet the drifter part 96: Max Cotton.

I bet you couldn't drive this well when you were 15 years old!

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Sarah:So, introduce yourself to Drivetribe.

Max: Hi, I am Max Cotton, I am a 15 year old pro drifter from Sheffield in the UK.

Photo credit: Everything drift.

Photo credit: Everything drift.

Sarah: What age were you when you first got behind the wheel?

Max: I started karting when I was about 9 and I started drifting when I was 12 years old, I went to Prodrift Academy in Birmingham uk, I had not driven a real car before then.

Sarah: What was the next step for you after that?

Max: After a few months of training me and my dad bought a BMW e30 and I entered my first drift competition. I had never twinned before but we thought it would be fun to compete, I was amazed when I came 3rd and took home my first trophy.

Photo credit: Everything drift.

Photo credit: Everything drift.

Sarah:What was your first 'legal' set of wheels?

Max: I’ve not had a legal road car yet because I still don’t have a licence.

Sarah: What first caught your attention about drifting?

Max: I have always loved cars and one day I was scrolling through YouTube videos and saw Ken Block, I scrolled more and came across people like James Deane and Fedric Assbo I loved the smoke the sound and the excitement.

Sarah: What age were you then?

Max: I must have been about 11 years old.

Sarah: What made you think, I could actually do that?

Max: I think if you put your mind to it you can do just about anything, my biggest worry was wondering if I could reach the pedals.

Sarah: What was your first proper competition car?

Max: The V8 powered Nissan Ps13 that we have just finished building is my first proper full spec competition car.

Sarah: Why did you pick the car that you have now?

Max: The s chassis is a tried and tested platform and the Ps13 is my favourite of the s chassis. It's not conventional to put a V8 in an s chassis but we wanted something that was reliable and versatile.

Sarah: So you've been a spectator and a competitor. Has it good side bad sides etc?

Max: I enjoy watching drifting competitions because it’s an unbelievably cool motorsport, but I love the adrenalin of being a competitor. The only bad side to competitive drifting is the cost even though we have some great working partners.

Photo credit: Everything drift.

Photo credit: Everything drift.

Sarah: Best aspect of drifting for you personally?

Max: There is really nothing like being behind that wheel, sideways, on someone’s door.

Sarah: One thing you could change about drifting what would it be?

Max: Drifting is the fastest growing motorsport in the world but lots of people don’t really understand it. I am sure that if more people understood it the crowds would be bigger and that would be great for the sport.

Sarah: Whose you best friend(s) you've made through drifting? Why?

Max: I have made some amazing friends in drifting. Yohan Quaziz was my instructor when I first started drifting and he has become a great friend. His knowledge of drifting is vast, and he is always on hand with advice and support.

Sarah: Have you got any advise for anyone wanting to get into drifting?

Max: Just do it! Buy a nice cheap car and build up your skill and then build up your car. You will love it!

Photo credit: Everything drift.

Photo credit: Everything drift.

Sarah: Are you glad/happy you got into drifting? Why?

Max: I am so happy I got into drifting and I don’t know what I’d be doing if I wasn’t sliding cars!

Sarah: One thing you hate about drifting from any aspect of it?

Max: I hate that everyone who doesn’t know what drifting is, is missing out! Most of the people at school have no idea what it is, but the people I show it to, think it’s awesome. I upload every event to my YouTube Channel to try and show the world what we do.

Sarah: Tell us a random fact about your drifting career to date?

Max: I think am the youngest competitive drifter in the uk, at the moment.

Sarah: You have drifted and battled with some world famous drifters, who was the best and why?

Max: I had a very close battle with Dave Egan at British Drift Championship, Battle Royale in my e30 my first drift car and it is the best I have driven that little 200hp drift box, I’ll never forget it!

Sarah: If you could meet or battle against one other famous world known drifter who would it be and why?

Max: I would 100 percent battle James Deane if I got the opportunity, I’m trying to work my way up the ranks so hopefully it will happen!

Sarah: Endless amount of money for a new car and build what would it be and why?

Max: If I could build any drift car with Unlimited budget I’d probably do something never done before like a Ferrari Portofino.

Sarah: When it's time for retirement what do you want to be remembered for in the drifting world?

Max: I want to be remembered for putting on a really good, entertaining show!

Thanks to Max for taking the time out to do this interview, if you'd like to see what happens in Max's drifting career I've included his social media links below.







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  • Man i am 15 and i still play with hotwheels. dont judge me , everybody love that tiny car in that box.

      17 days ago
  • I am 15 and parents don’t even let me reverse the car out of the garage and this kid is drifting competitively

      17 days ago