Meet the drifting instructor Part 1.

Max Nismax of Team Red, French Drifting Academy Instructor.

2y ago

My name is Max Nismax and I am 29 years , I am one of the drift instructors for Championnat de France de Drift in Circuit d’Albi near Toulouse France.

I've been a petrol head since birth, mechanic since I was 17 years old, I've played with cars toys as long as I remember.

I began my work life in auto racing at Autovitesse, where we assisted some Lamborghini Gallardo in a championship.

My passion about Japanese cars led me manage to Team Jap, an association which goes to meet japan cars enthusiasts at big events and I’m proud to say that I created and organized the French famous Chika Japan until a big life change.

Low and Stylish primera.

Low and Stylish primera.

I moved from Paris to Toulouse for become an aeronautic mechanical at Airbus which then led me to meet Jerome Vassia and begin drifting.

As soon as I knew how an engine works and NFS underground game, my interest was directly going to Japanese Cars, my first reaI car was a Nissan primera GT, I tried to transform it like I saw in magazines

But, Japanese car culture has a better interest for me drifting. I had never drifted any car before I met Jerome, well maybe in the snow but everyone does that!

I began drift at the Drift Academy, teached by Jerome Vassia and I worked for him to organized the Academy in 2015. My job with the academy consists of managing the time for the pupils and after each session, I drive Drift Academy’s cars.

Obliviously, I was attracted to the Nissan Skyline R33 GTST, I didn’t know yet but, i will have a wonderful story with this car.

After few months, I got it, I learned how to drift, not like the boss but I understood. I Sold my Primera and my family help me to buy an old dream. A OEM Nissan 200SX S14A, it’s a very rare car in france!

Obviously, a s14 cannot stay stock, a long and passionate transformation could begin, Irish and American Cars inspired me but the very first goal was to build the best compromise between comfortable, tunable and a driftable car, I must be able to ride it for a long time and drift it when I want.

I made a garage in my apartment to work on it (Peden Nielsen the Irish drifter can testify) and I think I succeeded it.

Very quickly, Jerome trusted me to be an pilot instructor. I have lived a wonderful life since and I have traveled a lot to Switzerland, Portugal, Ireland, Germany and Spain and visited a lot of famous tracks. Meet thousands of incredible persons, I would not try to name them all, I don’t want to forget people, but I’m sure that Jerome Vassia, Sebastien Leroy, Gaetan Canot and me can’t be separated both at events with Jerome's drift car and in normal every day life and we still enjoy life's experience together .

One of the most exciting experiences is when we organized and began running the French Drift Championship with Jerome Vassia and our friends and we became the RED TEAM!

Recognized by our quality of organization, our seriousness and team spirit, we have helped the Swiss drift organizer with their organization, we are working to make drifting in France more popular and democratized it.

I would like to thank Jerome Vassia for everything, to make me grow up and flourish me in this environment

For thanking us, Jerome Vassia allows us to participate to the French drift Championship every year with Drift Academy’s cars and guess which car I chose???

Last year, at the finale round, I drove the famous Godzilla and I brought a girl in this car for her first time for drift training, the nurse of the Albi’s track, she is now my girlfriend and we are looking for a drift car to build together.

While teaching people in the academy to drift I have been in a few close calls with people nearly crashing. It’s very complicated to explain the limit between drift and unsafe to a normal driver, however, it’s been very close to close maybe. Sometimes I have to get mad because, after one successful drift, they overestimate themselves and, by experiences, the worst bullshit happens at this time. We say if you know how to drift, you know how to not drift.

My advice for learning how to drift is....the same as driving :

1.Both hands on the steering wheel

2.The look and drive the car.

3.The worst thing when you come to learn drifting is when you think you know how to drift, just let us teach you, learn the base, the progression will be amazing!

I hate when my pupil doesn’t succeed, this could be an error by me but I remember about just 2 pupils were very bad, so in 4 years, I can accept that, 2 bad pupils isn't too bad. 2 years ago, a pupil come to drift academy and applied perfectly all my instructions, he did all exercises one per one exactly as I explained, we had a break and I asked him what is his car, i was expected a sport car but he said : I have the licence since 2 years and I drive a vw Passat, diesel, I don’t really like driving.

If money was no object for the car I want it would be 3 cars but it’s really hard to think without money when I had count every pieces for my car since I work but if I have to do, I can’t choose just one car :

1. A skyline r32, pandem kit, rb26dett, max parts chassis kit because , the rb26 is wonderful, the noise, power possibility and i think, there is a soul in this engine.

I know the chassis with just little modifications, it’s a very simple and competent chassis so I can easily imagine with unlimited budget and whatever, she’s so sexy. what could be done.

2. A Lexus lc500 Liberty walk.

I really don’t know anything about this car but this is most beautiful brand new car for me and Japanese are the best body kit builder.

3. A s14a, Sr20det full tuned, full max parts chassis with the s13 rocket bunny kit V3. I know this car and it's potential and I'm actually in love with it, no compromise, it has everything that I’m looking in a car.

When I retire from teaching people how to drift I would like to be remembered for been a man who has participated in the growing of drifting in France, like a cool guy who can be nice and open wherever you can meet him and like a member of the Redteam.

Huge thanks to Max for doing this and telling us everything.

Part 2 coming soon, what drift instructor will it be I wonder!

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