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Definietly an unusual interview...

14w ago

Back on track with MTD, the most (in)famous series of interviews here on Drivetribe. More info about this kind of post and how to be the next one, can be found here.

I've been asking the usual questions for almost two years now, and well this is rather different than usual. Today you're going to learn more about Evan Delphine, I bet you've seen her around here pretty often. She leads a Tribe, Da Simp Tribe, and well let's say it's definitely unique, go check yourself and eventually join the madness.

Where are you from?

I am from Ingerland home of good manners and tea .

What do you do?

Student gang what up. Mental health? Never heard of it .

How did you join Drivetribe?

I joined Drivetribe by making a profile like everyone else. How did you think i did it wizardry?

Yes, I thought about some sort of witchcraft...

What started your passion for cars?

Uhhhhh my passion for cars started when I looked at a car and was like oh damn.

What's your daily drive?

I cannot drive. I am 14 .

What's your favourite classic car?

My fav classic car is probs whatever car I'm In Love With My Car was written about. I think an Alfa Romeo .

Nope, was about a Triumph TR4.

What's your favourite modern car?

My fav modern car is which ever one ima get when I can drive.

What do you think about EV?

I do not care. If a car is electric it makes no difference to my life. Who care s.

Automatic or manual gearbox?

Again. Don't care

What's your dream road-trip?

I go to Wales. Specifically slightly outside of Wales. Specifically Ross on Wye. You know what I'm going to do .

I guess I do know...

Tell us something funny that happened to you in a car...

Uhh my friend was driving and i got a phone call from a guy who said he was from Joe's Pizza and he had a strong Italian american accent. He said there was a problem with my card and I needed to give him my details. So obviously I put on an Italian american accent and fucked with him for about 15 minutes until he hung up .

What is a song that you enjoy to listen while driving?

Still cant drive .

What are your hobbies?

I am a gamer. Very cool. pog. I also play guitar because I am indie and cool .

Are you a Motorsport fan?

If the drivers are fit. Just sayin .

Who's your favourite racing driver?

Uhh probably that one Mclaren driver forgot his name hold up a sec. is Lando Norris. I like his instagram game .

What's your favourite tribe?

My favourite tribe is obviously Da Simp Tribe. Not just because i own it. who am I kidding it's only because I own it .

Are you a Fan of Clarkson, Hammond and May?

Obviously I am. Have you even looked at my profile, it's basically a Richard Hammond stan account .

What's your favourite Top Gear/Grand Tour moment?

Uhhhhhhhh whenever Hammond was happy. Jk it's that one moment in the perfect road trip 1 when he was on da bike. Its on Netflix. I will say no more .

What do you think of Drivetribe?

Drivetribe is on drugs. I don't know which ones, just drugs. Who let me on this platform.

Thanks for reading and thanks to Evan for joining MTD!


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