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Meet the Drivetriber - Helene Helle

Let's have a closer look at one of our Ambassadors and Photographers!

2y ago

It's Friday, and this means a new Meet the Drivetriber interview! If you're new to this, long story short, I ask some questions to a designated victim twice a week.

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Now, let me introduce my guest... Helene Helle!

Helene is the Tribe leader of the Photography community, the home of all Drivetribe's photography enthusiasts. She's also the leader of Driven by Details, a tribe focused on the close-up photos of all those little particulars that makes a vehicle unique and fascinating. As you may have understood she's a passionate photographer other than an amazing Ambassador! There's more, in her personal tribe Helle's Heap, you can find stories and beautiful photos!

I'm very happy to have her in this little series of posts of mine. Helene is one of my dearest friends, and it's thanks to her if I'm here doing what I'm doing, whatever it is. Her support and kindness helped this Italian girl with a bad English to gain confidence and start her adventure here on Drivetribe!

Now before becoming sentimental let me start with the questions!

Smiling! Photo Credits Helene Helle

Smiling! Photo Credits Helene Helle

Where are you from?

I’m from a small town in Southern Norway called Mandal, but moved to a nearby city called Kristiansand last year.

What do you do?

I’m currently a student at University, where I’m working on my first year of a Bachelor’s Degree in Media and Communication. This year we have been focusing a lot on visual storytelling, which to me have been an absolute blast!

A beautiful dashboard of a 1989 Morgan Plus 8 Tourer Photo Credits Helene Helle

A beautiful dashboard of a 1989 Morgan Plus 8 Tourer Photo Credits Helene Helle

How did you join Drivetribe?

I somehow came across a tweet about DriveTribe, posted by one of the original tribe leaders. I was curious, so I decided to contact him to ask what it was all about. He gave me an access code, and that’s how it all started. I was being really quiet in the beginning, but eventually met some amazing people who helped me get started.


I don’t really remember what started it, I just know that it’s always been an interest of mine. I enjoyed playing with toy cars rather than barbies, and lego cars was definitely a favourite! I also remember my dad and I watching Top Gear together, even before I learned English. I had no idea what was happening, but I still thought it was awesome.

Tiny Helle!

Tiny Helle!

What's your favorite modern car?

Honestly, any kind of Mini and I’m sold.

What's your favorite classic car?

Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7. A seemingly timeless car, that in my opinion is both classy and quirky. How can you not love that?

Car meeting - Photo Credits Helene Helle

Car meeting - Photo Credits Helene Helle

What's your dream's road trip?

For a school trip we drove through Denmark and Germany to get to Poland. It was a great experience, and would definitely like to do something like that. Would love to see even more of Europe next time though - I really hope to visit Italy soon!

Tell us a song that makes you want to drive

Roadhouse Blues by The Doors. It’s just an awesome song.

Tell us a funny thing that's happened to you in a car…

I’m not sure I’ve had many funny experiences in a car. Once, my cat was let out of her cage during a drive to my family’s holiday home. She decided that the top of the dashboard was the perfect place to stay. She was very calm and we didn’t have any problems. Like I said, I’m not sure I’ve had many funny experiences in a car. I like to talk about my cat, though.

Are you a Motorsport fan?

Last year I got into F1. There is still so much for me to learn about it, especially about the history, but I do find it all very exciting.

Who is your favorite racing driver?

Probably have to say Kimi Räikkönen. He’s a great driver, and he’s just kind of a character. He comes across as blunt, a bit cold - but also doesn’t really say that much. He’s just so different, at least to me with my little Motorsport knowledge, and I like that.

Do you like Motorcycles?

Yes! I’ve never ridden a motorbike before, but I love them. All bikes are lovely, but I definitely have a soft spot for the classic ones. They are just really interesting to me!

What's your favorite bike?

The Honda CB750. It pretty much changed the entire market from that moment it was unveiled. Back then it was game-changing, now it’s iconic. And what a stunner it is!

Do you have any hobbies?

I spend most of my free time on DriveTribe, and then there’s also photography - obviously! I also collect old cameras, and vinyl records. And I cuddle my cat. A lot.

Helene and her kitty...Kitty. - Photo Credits Helene Helle

Helene and her kitty...Kitty. - Photo Credits Helene Helle

Tell us about your love for photography ...

AHH, my favourite subject! Haha, no. Well, yes…

Photography has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. It’s also been a roller-coaster! I can’t exactly remember when I started taking pictures, but I do know that it was very early in my life. I “borrowed” my parents’ cameras a lot, and burned through plenty of single-use cameras. When I was about 8 my brother bought me my first camera. It shot film, and was shaped like a penguin! After that, went over to digital cameras. When I was 12, I had saved up enough money to buy my first DSLR: A Canon EOS 500D.

Helene at work, taking shoots for her university project in a wool factory.

Helene at work, taking shoots for her university project in a wool factory.

Something I struggled with for a really long time, and found really frustrating was never really knowing what I wanted to do with my camera. Creatively, it sort of drained me somehow. I remember it made me pretty sad, because photography really was something I really wanted to do. I kept trying, but was never happy.

Early last year I was browsing through DriveTribe. I ended up looking through a lot of Norbert Pencak and Joachim Rayos’ posts here. I just loved their photos, and it was like something just sparked. “I want to take pictures like that,” I thought to myself. Fast forward cirka two months, and I found myself at my first classic car meet, with my trusty 500D in hand.

A cute dog in a 1927 Chevrolet Capital Touring AA - Photo Credits Helene Helle

A cute dog in a 1927 Chevrolet Capital Touring AA - Photo Credits Helene Helle

Since then, shooting have just been a pure joy - just like it was for me in the beginning. This experience made me realize why I truly love photography. Telling stories is important to me, and photography gives you the opportunity to do just that. It also makes it possible to move hearts, to sway emotions - and to even make changes. It’s super powerful, and that is incredible to me.

Looking back, I have come a rather long way since I started out with single-use cameras at the age of six, but there is still a lot for me to learn - which to me makes the whole thing more exciting!

Shoot from the Wool factory - Photo Credits Helene Helle

Shoot from the Wool factory - Photo Credits Helene Helle

What's your favorite kind of photos?

I’m not sure I have a favourite type of photo. All forms of photography can highlight interesting subjects, and with different perspectives you can tell good stories. So I guess that’s my favourite kind of photos: The ones that tell good stories.

Norwegian beach - Photo Credits Helene Helle

Norwegian beach - Photo Credits Helene Helle

Have you any advice for the ones who wants to improve their photography skills?

Go out and shoot anything, with whatever kind of gear you have. Practice is good. Even if your true passion lies in automotive photography, shooting different subjects will help you improve as a photographer.

Also, stop and think. Thinking about composition - what you want and do not want in your photo, and how the subject is placed - will make your photos more captivating and more balanced. It will help you develop your creative process a lot, even in the future.

Lastly, just enjoy it! It’s so easy to get hung up with what the best equipment is, or the best techniques. However, taking pictures should be fun above all else and a part of this process is to develop your artistic ways on your own by trying out new things. Yes, some knowledge about the equipment you are using and about relevant techniques are always good to keep with you, but you should focus on what makes you happy. So, try not to take advice or implement practices that make photography feel less enjoyable for you - and that make your photos feel like someone else’s. Do what you love. Always.

Tools... - Photo Credits Helene Helle

Tools... - Photo Credits Helene Helle

Why did you choose to be an Ambassador?

In 2017 I was offered a position after being kindly recommended. As I had already developed a big interest for the community here on DriveTribe I figured that was a good way for me to help people, which I really love. I also saw it as an opportunity to be a part of something great, which meant a lot to me at the time. Still does, actually.

What do you think of DriveTribe?

Everyone is just talking about cars, and it’s awesome. I think it’s pretty fair to say that it’s one of the best communities out there - not just in the motoring world, but in general. It’s such a special place, with an incredible atmosphere. No matter what interests you have you will find someone who share them, and there will always be a place for you. I also love that people who doesn’t necessarily share the same interests still have something to talk about here, and that the majority is super friendly and helpful.

For today it's all, I hope you enjoyed the read!

Thanks for reading, and thanks to Helene for her friendship and support, and to be part of Meet the Drivetriber of course!

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