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Better late than never, let's ask some questions to Jack!

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A new Meet the DriveTriber post is out, and yes I have a lot to catch up with but soon or later I will publish everyone who submitted. If you're waiting your turn, be patient please, if you've not idea of what I'm talking about then you can have a look down here.

Today, I'm going to ask some questions to Jack Major a young and talented automotive photographer. I suggest you to have a look at his profile and give him a follow on his instagram account either!

Now, it's time to start!

Where are you from?

I am from Perth, Australia.

What do you do?

I am a 16-year-old currently in the final year of high school, which has lots of pressure attached with it. As of the 31st of March 2020, I also legally have a photography business, as one of my favourite pastimes is Automotive Photography.

How did you join Drivetribe?

I joined Drivetribe on September the 8th 2019, after exploring on the internet for automotive social media and networking sites. I felt that such a thing would exist on the internet. And after landing on sites like Jalopnik and Speedhunters, I discovered Drivetribe. And naturally, after discovering that it was started by the trio, my love was sealed.

What started your passion for cars?

My passion for cars started from Lego funnily enough. When I was younger, I had a large collection of Lego City Lego sets. I was researching on the internet for more Lego city sets and ended up branching into Lego speed champions as the cars could’ve worked. Later, I started automotive photography, to complement the floral photography that I had been doing up to that point in time.

What's your daily drive?

I do not own a car as of yet. As I am 16, all I have is my Learners Permit and almost 15 hours of driving. I am going for a manual license. I am definitely planning on saving up for a car in the future though. This will probably be small hatchback, although I do want something slightly sporty.

What do you think of electric cars?

I definitely think that electric cars are the future, alongside hydrogen fuel cell powered cars. I do think however, that in the current day and age they aren’t the future. The infrastructure is not there yet, with regard to filling stations and wait times. I do believe though, that they should inform our habits and daily routines in the world currently.

Automatic or Manual?

This question is an age old one. People say that manual is extremely difficult but having started with manual from my first driving lesson onward, and to me it seems extremely easy, except for finding the friction point when starting. When you have a manual license you can drive both, but if you have an automatic license you can only drive automatic, so manual is less restrictive.

What's your favourite classic car?

My favourite classic is the 1970 Fiat 124 Spider. I love its body lines and proportions, and it’s one of the few classic cars that I truly enjoy, since I am more of a stickler for modern cars.

What's your favourite modern car?

My favourite modern car is actually a car that came out very recently. The Alpine A110 Colour Edition 2020. I love it’s handling as well as the nod to the original A110 and the distinctive colour. I also adore the tiny minute details that it features, such as the French flag on the rear pillar.

What are your hobbies?

My favourite hobby is definitely photography. I started in late 2016 with floral photography, utilising the cameras that my school photography and design teacher had. I still continue to do that to this day although in a lesser amount. What I have taken up is automotive photography (Instagram @photog_media_), in late 2019. I first attended a car show, 60 Years of the Mini in August 2019 (here), and since then have done multiple photoshoots (here) and have over 1.5k followers on my Instagram. As mentioned previously, I now have it registered with an ABN and have accrued multiple pieces of camera kit over the years.

Tell us something funny that's happened to you in a car. ..

When I was younger (very very young), I used to just randomly open doors when the car was driving slowly, I probably shouldn’t have done this, as it made my parents very angry. As I have not been driving for a long time, not much has happened sadly.

Tell us a song that you enjoy to listen while driving. ..

I often get slightly stressed whilst driving, so I like to put on some calming piano music. One of my favourite calming music bands are The Piano Guys, and I can stream them through Spotify.

Are you a Motorsport fan?

I am not particularly interested in watching Motorsport, although I do occasionally watch rally compilations and highlights on YouTube. I am however interested in the logistics behind this, and recently completed the online theory process for a general officials’ license, so that in the future I can hopefully officiate at racing events.

Who is your favourite racing driver?

I do not particularly have a favourite racing driver. After watching the Grand Tour tribute film on Senna, I was however interested in him and did some more research and think that he has some pretty cool accomplishments.

Are you a fan of Clarkson Hammond and May?

I am indeed a fan of the trio. They have such great dynamics and work well together. Also, there is no denying the fact they play off each other very well and are deathly funny.

What's your favourite Top Gear/Grand Tour moment?

My favourite moment was probably in Top Gear. I cannot remember the exact season, but during a news segment they started discussing what the worst thing was to step on in the middle of the night and devolved into mentioning landmines. I don’t know exactly what it was that made me laugh, but I remember just sitting there for minutes after, with it paused just giggling my head off.

What's your favourite tribe?

My favourite tribe on Drivetribe is definitely the photography tribe. I love the fact that it, and many others, are freely open. You are able to just post whatever you like, and open yourself up to feedback and improvements. It is a perfect mix between amateurs and professionals, and has allowed me to hone my skills and improve greatly.

What do you think of Drivetribe?

I think Drivetribe is a great place to be. It is all inclusive and a wonderful tool to connect motoring enthusiasts from around the world. It broadly covers all aspects of motoring culture from photography to gaming to news. I love being a part of it, thanks in part to all of the lovely inclusive members.

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