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Here we are again with a new MTD interview, thanks to all the usual readers and welcome to the new ones! If you have no idea of what I'm babbling about, Meet the DriveTriber is a series of interviews hosted by me, which is made with the purpose to give some space to everyone who's willing to be interviewed. In this way is possible to have a closer look to our fellow Drivetribe users. More info down here.

Today I'm going to ask some questions to Kacper Ziajka, Tribe leader of New Car News and Reviews! As you may suppose by the name of the Tribe, Kacper is the author of post about news and also well written pieces about history of certain models, but there are also quizzes and much more on his profile, check it out and follow!

Where are you from?

Originally, I'm from Poland. Me and my family moved to the UK, Wales specifically, when I was 6 years old and have been here ever since. Naturally, I go back every summer to catch up with the family.

What to you do?

At the moment, very little. However I'm searching for a short-term job before (ideally) finding a car-sales apprenticeship.

How did you join DriveTribe?

As soon as I found out about it, I did everything in my power to get into it as soon as possible. As soon as it was out, I didn't wait.

What's your daily drive?

That'll be a Hyundai Getz from 2008. It's a three-door model, with the 1.1 petrol engine and about 65HP. It isn't fast, but very practical and, nowadays, not too bad on fuel.

What's your favourite classic car?

I think that'll have to be a BMW E9 Coupe. Wonderful things.

What's your favourite modern car?

Lexus LFA. Every time.

What do you think of electric cars?

Well, I certainly don't mind them. I appreciate them, that's for sure. And, if they mean we get to keep internal combustion engines for the weekend, I'm all for them!

What are your hobbies?

Um. Cars, really. I mean, writing was always a general hobby as well as reading. Works out for the work I do for my tribe's articles and quizzes. A lot of research, and then a lot of writing. Works out. I also like badminton.

What's your dream road trip?

Either one across every US state (That you can drive to from a port) in something like an RV or homemade house-style van of some sort (Think VW Grand California) or the classic European Grand Tour.

Tell us something funny that's happened to you in a car. ..

Ohh my. Well, there was one time we were driving to Poland from the UK. We were on a restricted autobahn, when I could suddenly see a Lamborghini Murcielago in the left mirror approaching us from the left lane. Then I though "Well, he's going slowly". Suddenly, the Lambo sped up a little and, believe it or not, there were two very elderly ladies in the front seats! I waved at them just as we got to a sign that gave us the green light to fire away and, this old lady floored it. She was gone. As soon as she planted her foot on the floor, we never saw her again. She must be a cool grandma.

Tell us a song that you particularly enjoy listening to while driving...

Hmm. Tricky one. That'll have to be 'Every Breath you Take' by The Police. It's not exciting, but very calming. Either that or something from 50 Cent. Depends what I'm driving, really.

Are you a Motorsport fan?

Absolutely. LeMans every year and Formula 1 are a must.

Who's your favourite racing driver?

That'll have to be Ayrton Senna.

What's your favourite tribe?

Honestly, I couldn't say. I love all the content that's out there, be it a quick photo of some wonderfully rare classic or a full-blown review or a brand new model. Love it all.

Are you a Clarkson, Hammond and May fan?

Ohh yes.

What's your favourite Grand Tour/Top Gear moment?

It'll have to be that Africa Special from Top Gear, in the cheap estate cars. When Jeremy cut open that 850R's bonnet and used it for his 528i I couldn't help myself. Epic. Grand Tour wise, though, I did really enjoy the episode when the three were flown in while participating in their military mission. Truly hilarious stuff.

What do you think of DriveTribe?

I just love it, really. It allows me to fulfill my passions in the world of cars by letting me spread my writing without the need for my own editing apparatus - Everything I need is in Studio, allowing me to create the content I want, whenever I want. It's just awesome to see some of the work people put out there, too.

Thanks for reading!

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