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Two interviews in a week, well done to me!

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Another day, another Meet the Drivetriber interview! I'm going to post more frequently these days for two reasons, I have a few interviews already in my email and well... I have plenty of time recently!

Before introducing to you my guest for today, the usual friendly reminder about what Meet the Drivetriber is. I ask questions, people answer them, the end. A more detailed explanation can be found here.

Today I'm going to ask some questions to Luca Corsini, a relatively new entry here on Drivetribe and fellow Italian. Luca is a contributor on Italia News, the home of all the Italians here on Drivetribe, so if you are reading this and you're Italian, join the Tribe and don't be shy about publishing something!

Now, let's start!

Where are you from?

Hey everyone! I am Italian and I am from Brescia, in the north of Italy. Sadly, this is one of the zones that suffered more because of the Coronavirus, but we are trying our best to resist!

What do you do?

I am a software developer and I love it, but sometimes it gets boring to stay at the PC for hours and hours and that’s why I love to drive around with my car!

How did you join Drivetribe?

I joined Drivetribe recently (in the last days of February) and I admit that it was completely random. Youtube suggested me a video about Richard Hammond revealing the new Defender and I noticed that the channel was called “DriveTribe”… what the hell is that? I decided to take a look and here I am.

What started your passion for cars?

My passion for cars is quite recent. I wasn’t one of those kids that started racing on go-karts at the age of 10, because until I was 18… I didn’t care about cars at all. At the exact instant I pressed the accelerator for the first time, I said “wait that’s so good!”

What's your daily drive?

I bought my daily drive in August 2019 and it is an Audi A3 8p cabriolet. The engine is not ultra-punchy (2.0 TDI 140cv), but all I want from this car is to be efficient (and damn, it is!) and to drive “en plein air”; considering that I love 4 seats-cabriolet cars, this one is perfect. I had a Mazda 3 before, but the engine wasn’t that great. It has been a little of a disappointment.

What do you think of electric cars?

I think that they will be mature enough in just a few years. I personally love the concept of an electric car with a punchy acceleration and I never travel for too many kilometres straight, so an electric car could actually be a suitable solution for me. The problem is that the range they offer is not enough. For example: the new MINI Cooper SE is a great car and it does not cost too much (thanks to strong discounts for ecological reasons), but you can’t really use it as your main car. I can’t wait to see what the Volkswagen ID 3 can do.

Automatic or Manual?

I drive a manual transmission every day, but I’ll say automatic. I understand that sometimes it’s funny to drive with three pedals, but nowadays automatic transmissions are so comfortable, clever and fast that there are no more reasons to demonize them.

What's your favourite classic car?

Is it the Jaguar E-type too mainstream? Anyway, I just love classic cars with a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong hood, but to be honest, I prefer modern cars. You can kill me now.

I forgive you just because you love the E-Type...

What's your favourite modern car?

I actually have two cars: the first one is the Ford Mustang because I love how it stays loyal to its past by evolving it in something better. The second one is the BMW M8 cabriolet; I had the pleasure to drive a BMW M850i ad it’s an incredible car. Combine that with the fact that I love four-seats cabriolet cars and here we are.

What are your hobbies?

I love videogames (Fortnite is for kids, Doom is for men) and soccer. I am 1.70 m tall (5’5’’) but I am a goalkeeper... that’s crazy, right?

Tell us something funny that's happened to you in a car ...

The funniest thing ever happened thanks to those old Bluetooth headsets that let you listen to other people’s conversation. I listened to an entire conversation between a man and his lover, and it was… let’s say an adult conversation. I started to look around me to find out who was talking, and I found out that it was my neighbour. He is married.

Tell us a song that you enjoy to listen while driving ...

I love “blinding lights” right now, but I don’t listen to that much music to be honest.

Are you a motorsport fan?

Not really, but to be honest I enjoy watching Formula E. I think it deserves far more audience.

Who is your favourite racing driver?

I am trapped in the past, so I will say “Michael Schumacher”

Are you a fan of Clarkson Hammond and May?

Of course, I am. I love how they don’t take anything not too seriously and I find this the perfect way to keep people curious about a specific topic. My girlfriend couldn’t care less about cars, but she watches The Grand Tour, too. It’s hard to say who is my favourite, though. All I can say is that I love them a lot more when they work together.

What's your favourite Top Gear/Grand Tour moment?

My favourite moment is when Clarkson and Hammond “drive” around the Stansted airport with their luggage, literally. The episode, if I’m not wrong, is “Legends and Luggage”

What's your favourite tribe?

I am Italian, so obviously I’ll say thumbs up for Italy! Beside that, I like the polls tribe because it allows me to know what other people think about a specific subject. I love polls even more than quizzes.

What do you think of drivetribe?

I think that DriveTribe is a great idea and with time and with hard work, it can become one of the biggest specific-topic social networks of the world. Everyone is nice with each other and the content produced by the users are always extremely interesting and funny at the same time. I love the fact that I can be sarcastic while writing an article.

Thanks to Luca for being part of Meet The Drivetriber

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