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Meet the Drivetriber is back with a new interview! Before introducing today's guest, I want to apologize for the delay. Now, if you have no idea of what I'm talking about, Meet the Drivetriber is the fantastic series of interviews, hosted by me, which make you know the amazing people of Drivetribe. You can find more info here:


My guest today is Metallluis 16, he doesn't lead any tribe, but most of you have probably come across him in the comments section. Metallluis is a young petrolhead with an awesome music taste and a true passion for Mazda cars...but let's start with the questions and let you all find out more yourself!


Who are you?

My name is Luis and I’m a 18 years old boy.

Where are you from?

I’m from Germany, the south east to be precise. Not too far away from the Alps.

What do you do?

I’m currently studying for my last two final exams. 3 are already done. I’ve been going to school for 12 years now and can finally see the end. (I Hope I'll pass). Other than that I digress pretty often.

How did you join Drivetribe?

I spent a lot of time in Carthrottle and suddenly everybody complained the site was dying and so they were moving to Drivetribe or Discord...At first, I didn’t believe them and I also didn't care. I tried out Drivetribe once but quickly went back, why, I can’t remember. But after a while, it became pretty clear that Carthrottle had lots of issues (bots, trolls, fanboys, etc…) and so I downloaded Drivetribe again, joined the community and actually felt welcome, a feeling I never had while begin on Carthrottle.

What did start your passion for cars?

Well. I was born in Munich and spent the following two years there and well, apparently I have asked my mother about every car’s name we passed on the street. I don’t know what sparked my love for cars, my parents aren’t into cars at all, but that’s where it all started. Every time we were driving somewhere I looked out for other cars and at night I tried to guess the car by its lights. Moving on life, my grandfather had a car magazine subscription, a German magazine called “Auto Bild”. When he finished reading the last issue, he passed it onto me and that’s the point I started to actually get an insight into the technical aspect of cars. I remember one particular time when he showed me an article and said “Look, this car is special. Its engine doesn’t have pistons but instead uses a spinning rotor.” I don’t know whether that's what sparked my love for Mazda and the Rotary engine, but I know that I immediately loved the RX8…

What’s your daily drive?

That’s probably not a secret to people that came across me in various comment sections but to everybody else, it’s a 1991 Mazda 626 GT Coupe with a leaky tail light. It’s the highest trim available in my country with the 2 liters DOHC, 16 valves 4 cylinders engine. The original owner lowered it, put 10 mm wider tires on and drove it only about 50’000 kilometers. The second owner drove it for 1 and a half year and put 9’000 kilometers on it. She also removed most of those racing stickers. I plan on removing the rest and putting many more kilometers on the clock. It’s definitely a great car which looks great next to my parents’ 2018 Mazda 6… I just need a winter car now, because the 626 is in such great condition. Today I actually found an AD for a 1988 Mazda 626 limousine, slightly battered but with only about 100’000 kilometers and lots of new parts, serviced by a Mazda dealer...Maybe I’ll buy that. I actually never solely focus on Mazda, I promise.

Manual or Automatic?

I get why automatics are popular and some people prefer them but it’s way more fun to shift gears yourself. Manual it is!

What’s your favorite car?

Of course, there’s no simple answer to this question. I bet every petrolhead doesn't have one definitive favorite car. But I decided to narrow it down, to a couple of cars and divided into 3 categories :

1 - Money no object: Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso. It’s one of the most beautiful cars ever made in my opinion and it’s just awesome to have a manual V12 with that sound. Plus I just love classic cars.

2- Maybe with a well-paying job: Fiat Dino 2400 Coupè. I love the history behind its creation, that Ferrari needed to produce enough engines to be able to participate in a racing series but because of Ferrari’s exclusivity, they didn’t want to build as many Ferraris as engines required. This car would be my summer daily. I also love this car because it featured in a comic I read many times by Maurice Tillieux, a car guy himself who sadly died in his Alfa, about the private detective “Gil Jourdan”

3- Affordable cars(ish) : Renault Dauphine, because it’s cute, simple and efficient for its time, and it featured in that comic as well as the main character preferred car (before he made money and bought a Dino).Mazda RX7 FC 10th anniversary because of Mazda, Rotary, timeless design, great handling and practical for a sports car (ish).

What are your hobbies?

Well, definitely driving as it cures my depressions and makes me feel happy. I also play the violin and love to take photos, mostly in black and white but I don’t photograph often. When I take a photo, it has to be perfect, it has to fit and feel right. I never take them with my phone, I have a proper camera for that. I want photography to feel special and not just be something that you do without thinking. I also take long walks every time I can. I’m always on a move and I need to get rid of my physical energy while, at the same time, take care of my restless brain and listen to music at the same time. Music is probably the most important thing in my life, along with my family, friends, and cars. I also like to as for a long time that was the only way to get around quickly. I did some tours, cycled over the alps for example. Currently, I need to put new brake pads on and fix the flat front tire.

Tell us something funny that happened to you while driving

One scenario which I found funny was when I had my driving license for about a month and I had to launch at a steep hill and accidentally performed a perfect race start...on the street.

Another time, a few years back, my mother and I were driving back home from my aunt’s place and my mother and I did about 180 kph in our Mazda 5. We overtook an Opel Astra (if I remember correctly) that was doing about 120 on the Autobahn. After a while the Opel came back past at about 190 kph. he must have been annoyed by the fact that he got overtaken by a Japanese van because he slowed down again shortly after...I miss the 5…

What’s your favorite song to sing along while driving?

I have a USB stick with about 850 songs, which are not even all the songs I usually listen to, for my 626. But There are a few that stands out. Basically divided by bands, The Cult makes me drive the fastest, Van Morrison the most relaxed, The White Stripes and The Raconteurs always make me smile, Manu Chao reminds me of our old Mazda and the trips to France, and Bruce Springsteen and Little Steven make me feel overly happy or extremely sad.

Here Luis playlist on YuoTube!


One of my favorites has always been Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen. To me, this song describes the joys of driving and the freedom it brings. I forgot to mention The Doors. Their music will forever be in my memory as the soundtrack to my first Sunday drive ever and to my best drives I had with the 6. One last song. Drive all night by Bruce Springsteen. That song gives me shivers down my spine every time I listen to it, and it's my favorite love and driving song, especially late at night, my favorite time to drive anyways.

Are you a Motorsport fan?

I don’t watch it and I don’t know enough about it but if I had more time, I would most definitely watch it. But I’m more for Rallyes, fast street cars or affordable race series.

Who's your favorite racing driver?

I gave a talk about Juan Manuel Fangio once because I truly believe he’s a brilliant driver and a nice guy (it seems). He started off poor and worked his way up working as a mechanic. It seems similar to Horacio Pagani who adored Fangio and also worked his way up, now producing cars that I, if I had the money, would actually buy and don’t feel like I’m paying too much.

Against which celebrity would you do a drag race?

Usain Bolt for one, because obviously he’s a fast runner and I’d like to see how he compares against my daily. On other hands, I would like to meet a couple of celebrities. Jennifer Lawrence because I watched so many movies starring her which I like, so I’d like to get to know her personally. Bruce Springsteen, Steven Van Zandt, Jack White, Brendan Benson, Manu Chao, and Anthony Kiedis are all musicians I’d love to have a talk with, so why not to do a drag race and have some fun?

What do you think of Drivetribe?

Drivetribe is the first community I actually feel welcome in. After having spent a while on here I noticed how polite most of the members are and I’m astounded by the lack of arrogant people who won’t accept other people’s opinions and trolls. It’s truly an awesome place to be and there are so many different people contributing, the variety of topics and discussions is great. Looking back to Carthrottle, I hope I’ll stay like this or get even better.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to Luis for his kind and thoughtful answers, it's been great fun to collaborate with him, and I hope to read soon his own posts!

What do you think?

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