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Meet the Drivetriber is back, in perfect timing today, with a new interview! As usual, if you have no idea of what I'm babbling about you can have a look here!

Today is time to ask some questions to Natasha Cramer, amazing Ambassador and contents creator here in the Drivetribe community! Funny and talented Natasha is a great writer and a hard worker, let's find out more about her!


Where are you from?

I am from South Africa and live currently in the Western Cape in a small town called George.

What do you do?

Well, I am currently working hard on studying and learning from experience to become a car journalist.


How your passion for cars did start?

Well, I guess it started when I was younger around 6 or 7 when my uncle allowed me to play a Formula One racing game (can't remember what it was called) and soon my dad allowed me to pretend to drive the car when he went in the garage with me on his lap. From there my love for cars grew.

How did you join Drivetribe?

I woke up one morning around 3 am because I had trouble sleeping so I surfed the internet on the famous trio next thing I know I am on the wildest roller coaster ride of my life.

Tell us about your tribes

My first tribe is Hot Wheel Rides. It has currently the most members and is basically where I post 98% of my articles in. Has any articles from news to classic or if I am in a really good mood a satire article.


My second tribe is Classic or Junkyard. A tribe for polls basically where you can decide whether a car is a classic or if it belongs in the Junkyard

My third is The Christian Petrolhead where basically post verses and pics of cars to Christian (or any other people really) members of the community

Then I have control of the Fun Community basically where a whole bunch of nonsense and hilarious stuff go

Then my final is Peugeot owners club. For owners to post and discuss anything related to Peugeot.


What is your favorite car?

It has to be the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale because it was the first ever car I fell in love with. It's a beautiful, rare and a real piece of classic art.

What car would you like to have as a daily drive?

Easy a VW Citi Golf! It's my favorite hatchback. I had the honour of being driven around in one in the passenger seat.

Tell us something funny that's happened to you in a car

It has to be when we took the dogs in the car. My mom was handing a very motion sick dog over to dad and just happen to have pressed his stomach... That or when it was raining one time my dad left his window open another car drove by and water came in my dad ducked but unfortunately I didn't.

What are your hobbies?

Instead of cars or Drivetribe I normally read comic books or just write random nonsense.

What's a song that makes you want to drive?

Born to be Wild always seems to make me wanna drive for some reason. Seems to beat with my heart.

What's your dream road trip?

Easy. Travel all across Italy on the best driving roads in a Jaguar F Type, Alfa Romeo 8C, Rimac concept one and maybe a BMW I8.

What's a car you can't stand at?

One car I can't stand the sight of a pink Nissan Micra C+C. If I see one I want to take a blow torch and burn it to dust. And just for good measure throw the remaining did down the toilet and flush.

Are you a Motorsport fan? And who's your favorite racing driver?

I am not really into Motorsport I do take a few looks every once and a while. But if I had to pick it would be WRC and the driver will have to be Colin McRae.

Are you a Grand Tour fan?

I am a Hammond fan to the end.

What's your first Clarkson Hammond and May memory?

My first time watching the trio was with the roadworks on the first episode of season 9. Since then I have been a follower of them.

Drivetribe give the occasion to interact with the holy trinity

of motoring journalism, did ever happened to you?

I have a few occasions had the all of the trio either comment/repost or reply to me. Heck Hamster even joined Hot Wheel Rides (Let's say my heart exploded that day)

What do you think of DriveTribe?

Drivetribe is one of the best motoring communities is the world. No doubt. I would leave it neither if you put a gun to my head. The people, post and the community itself make you for some reason makes you feel safe. When I first joined Facebook I felt paranoid but I don't feel that here. It just seems to have a much more stable atmosphere. You don't have to worry about showing your Petrolhead side for once in public where people think you aren't a weirdo. No social media site can beat DT. I have no doubt about that.

Thanks for reading!

A big thank you to Natasha, not just for answering my questions but also for her fantastic work and support as Ambassador! Follow her if you like funny and awesome contents!

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