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Meet the Drivetriber is back with a new interview!

Before introducing you my guest for today, the usual reminder about this series of posts!

Meet the Drivetriber is a series of interviews, open to everyone who's willing to participate, where I ask some questions and give the chance to other Drivetribers to know the amazing people who are part of the Drivetribe community.

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Today is Nate A turn to answer some questions!

Nate doesn't lead any tribe yet, but he's a serial Car spotter and diecast lover, and I suppose most of you have come across his comments all around here and there.


Now let's start with the questions!

First of all, where are you from?

I'm from York, Pennsylvania.

Credits for all the photos - Nate A

What do you do?

I'm about to be a freshman in High school but I do plan to get a job soon.

How did you join Drivetribe?

I found out about Drivetribe through the app store when I was bored.

What's your favorite tribe?

My favorite tribe is Carspotter Central because it's fun to see what everyone spots out on the road.


What's your favorite classic car?

My favorite classic car is a 1965 Ford Mustang because the style is timeless!

Such a wonderful choice!

And what's your favorite modern car?

My favorite modern car is a Shelby GT350R because it seems like the best road-legal car for track use.

What's your daily drive?

My daily drive will be my dad's Honda Fit. I'm only 14 as of now...

What started your passion for cars?

My passion for cars started when I was able to speak. My first word was "wheel" and I would say it every time I saw a cool car.

What do you think about Electric cars?

I think that electric cars are boring but I do like the look of them.

Automatic or Manual?

I'd prefer a manual. They make your drive much more fun.

What are your hobbies?

I like to draw cars and photograph cool cars at car shows.

Tell us something funny that's happened to you in a car...

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a truck pulling a dang helicopter, but I thought the helicopter was flying under the bridge.

What's your dream road trip?

My dream road trip would be going down route 66 in a red convertible Mustang.

What's the best soundtrack for a car trip?

The best soundtrack is pretty much any song by Led Zeppelin because they are fantastic.

Are you a Motorsport fan?

I don't really pay much attention to motorsport, but I can consider it in the future.

Who's your favorite racing driver?

My favorite racing driver is Ayrton Senna. One of the greatest racing drivers of all time.

What do you think of Drivetribe?

Drivetribe is flipping awesome! It's better than Instagram in my opinion!

For today it's all! Thanks to Nate for answering my questions!

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