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The "Terribly in late" category of Meet The DriveTriber continues, the most famous series of interviews around here (?!?) this week is focusing over those DriveTribers who submitted pretty long time ago. I'm working on the old and new interviews trying to keep you all entertained. If you're reading this and submitted your answers I assure you that soon would be your turn, if you haven't submitted yet...what are you waiting for? No idea about what I'm speaking of? Here you can find the usual reminder :

Today we're going to find out some more info about Ollie Funnell. Ollie doesn't lead any tribe yet, I suggest you to have a look to his profile, where you can find polls, listicles an diecast! Keep an eye on him to find interesting contents.

Let's start with the questions!

Where are you from?

I’m Ollie Funnell, a DriveTriber from East Sussex, England.

What do you do?

I am currently a student at university, undertaking my Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Journalism.

How did you join Drivetribe?

I joined DRIVETRIBE after coming across some ads for it – mostly around YouTube and from some influencers in the car scene.

What started your passion for cars?

My passion for cars began even before I could walk, something that was ‘built into my DNA’ – growing up I used to live near a busy road, and from the age of 2 or 3 years old I’d be identifying every car that went by. I have also collected Hot Wheels and other diecast models ever since I was born, influenced by my Dad’s love for cars (he had a 1966 VW Beetle that was resprayed in 996 Carrera Blue!). My family is one that shares a great interest in Motorsports and cars, which has allowed me to visit and take part in so many activities related to the motoring world.

What's your daily drive?

My daily drive is a 2001 Mercedes-Benz A 140 Elegance (W168). It has just 28k miles on the clock!

What do you think about electric cars?

I think electric cars are son going to be very prominent in society, based on how the world is going and the needs of the population. Electric cars in my opinion have everything you look for when buying or appreciating a car, but the real sounds of pre-electric cars that many people love has been compromised, which I think can take away from the appreciation of them to a great extent.

Automatic or manual?

Manual. It’s the best way to really control how the car drives - and moving through the gears is satisfying for me. However, a dual-clutch paddle transmission is equally as favoured for me.

What's your favorite classic car?

My favourite classic car would probably be a 1969 Chevrolet ‘Yenko’ Camaro.

What's your favorite modern car?

My favourite modern car is likely to be a Chevrolet Corvette C6, or a Tommykaira ZZ-II, if it still existed.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies mainly consist of Travelling, Driving for leisure, Writing, Going to car shows and competing in videogames. I also love to ski in the winter months.

Tell us something funny that's happened to you in a car

Something funny that’s happened to me in a car – my dog managed to climb all the way from the third row of seats to the passenger seat, leaving a trail of mud on everything she touched.

Tell us a song that you particularly enjoy to listen while driving...

Dj Khaled - Don't Quit Ft. Travis Scott & Jeremih

Are you a Motorsport fan?

I love motorsport. I’m not that keen on Formula 1, but especially GT500, Le Mans (90’s over anything) and Nascar.

Who's your favorite racing driver?

My favourite racing driver would have to be Caroll Shelby.

Are you a Clarkson Hammond and May fan?

Of course I’m a fan of Clarkson, Hammond and May – I grew up watching the trio on TV, and they’ve really inspired my choice of career path.

What's your favorite Grand Tour /Top Gear moment?

My favourite Top Gear moment would be during the Middle East Special when the Russian cargo plane misses the runway, with the door still open. Favourite Grand Tour moment would be the airport luggage scene.

What's your favorite tribe?

My favourite tribe would be either ‘Lifestyle’ or ‘Live and Let Diecast’. I do enjoy browsing any tribe, as my interests are so wide within the automotive community.

What do you think of Drivetribe?

I think DRIVETRIBE is such an easy way for like-minded people to interact and enlighten each other in a fun and easy way. The platform is so simple to write on, and more people definitely need to know about it!

Thanks for reading!

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