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Let's ask some questions to Aaron...

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Here we are with a new Meet The Drivetriber interview, as usual today I'm going to turn the spotlight on one of the people part of the Drivetribe Community. If you have no idea of what I'm talking about you van find more info here.

Today I'm going to ask some question to Aaron, better know as "Shut Up and let me Speak". He doesn't lead any tribe yet, but he's pretty active on car reviews and fun stuff, as usual I suggest you to have a look to his profile, now let's start with the questions!

Where are you from?

I'm 16, born in Ireland and lived here all my life.

How did you join Drivetribe?

I'm 6 months or so on Drivetribe and joined to find a way into the media in the hope of finding a path to a career in journalism someday. But mainly for the fun of writing about cars.

What started your passion for cars?

I don't really have a great love story with cars. I just remember always loving Lamborghini when I was a little younger and so with time started taking a bit more interest in the idea that there were other cars out there.

What's your favourite modern car?

My favourite modern car is undoubtedly the Stinger, for being everything a cool car should be. And for being honest as to what it is and not trying to be overdone.

What do you think of EV?

I love EVs....maybe its the little droning noise🤷‍♂️. I have not a single problem with the idea of electrification so long as itll someday be done properly.

Automatic or manual gearbox?

Having very little driving experience I can't say my opinion is very important here, but I'd say manual is a great feeling to drive.

What's your dream road-trip?

My dream road trip is a coast to coast in either Britain or Japan, two of a small number of countries that have genuinely stolen my heart😂.

What is a funny thing happened to you in a car?

A funny thing that happened to me in a car....ok well embarrassingly I remember one time on a family holiday i lost a piece of chewing gum id been given and never found out where it got to. That is until I got out of the car and found it had been smushed into the seat I had been sitting on. My tracksuit bottoms didnt fare to well either. And even after a thorough cleaning, neither seat nor tracksuit had fully recovered from the incident😂.

What is a song that you enjoy to listen while driving?

My music taste is unexplainably......different. I love video game soundtracks so we'll leave it at that I suppose😂.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies, well I'd prefer to discuss interests really....which would be cars (shock horror), politics (probably even more than cars😂), and dogs. I love dogs. I like running and swimming if we are speaking strictly about hobbies though.

Are you a Motorsport fan?

Motorsport to me is about as boring as it is repetitive. There is nothing new or enticing in Motorsport currently if you ask me. I'd rather watch a game of cricket, and that says a lot😂😂😂.

Who is your favourite racing driver?

From my very limited knowledge, I'd say Lando Norris is my favourite racing driver, just because I see a lot of myself in him really.

What's your favourite tribe?

'Incredibly Random Stuff' is my home away from home tribe😂. It fits my contribution to the world very well indeed.

Are you a Fan of Clarkson, Hammond and May?

Clarkson, Hammond and May would be considered some of my real role models. Some of my only ones in fairness, their impact on my life has been enormous.

What's your favourite Top Gear/Grand Tour moment?

My favourite TG/GT moment is James 'attempting to spraw paint the red line across the ski jump in the TG Winter Olympics episode (I think its that one🤷‍♂️). That bit really does get me.

What do you think of Drivetribe?

Drivetribe actually is a great platform. I cant say it doesn't provide a great opportunity to people because it does. Beyond the bugs and glitches there's a very fun community, and there have been some fantastic people I've got to meet here so I'm grateful for them if nothing else. Sure there's some nasty pieces of work but you cant expect everyone to sit around and be jolly 24/7. And I don't mind it I think the odd clash of heads makes things more interesting anyway, so I wont lose sleep over it😂. Here's to hoping Drivetribe may help me find a place in the world of cars, who knows?

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