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Before starting, a simple sum up about this series of posts, I ask questions, someone reply, that's all. For a more meaningful explanation, check the link down here!


Today my guest is Srijan Gupta, one of our youngest content creators! Follow him if you like quizzes or car's reviews!

Now, let's start with the questions!

Where Are You From?

I'm from the urban crowded city of Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, India. I also run a car spotting series of the interesting cars I find here.

What do you do?

I'm currently a 16 year old student in 10th grade and I love writing about cars. I aspire to be an automotive journalist in the future.

How did you join DriveTribe?

I joined DriveTribe long ago in 2017 when some people on Car Throttle told me about it. However, I didn't become an active member until around September 2018.

What's your favourite classic car?

My favourite classic car is the Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 and also the Nismo 400R R33. Porsche 934/5 also takes a spot!

What's your favourite modern car?

It has to be almost all hot hatches (even warm hatches like Tata Tiago JTP with power outputs just above 100 bhp). RWD cars like Toyota 86 are also cool!

Tell us a car you can't stand at

It's got to be the ugly as hell Mahindra KUV 100!!! Aztec and Multipla are cool.

There's some funny driving rule in your country?

I guess not cuz we don't follow rules.

Tell us something funny that has happened to you in a car...

Almost 15 years ago, when I was a young baby at home, and my brother was a young child, my mom was driving her Maruti Suzuki Alto with my bro. She honked at a bull that was blocking the road and the angry bull literally lifted the light hatchback with his horns! My mom immediately put the car in reverse and then into 1st gear, after which the 796 cc was luckily able to pull the car out of the grasp of that outraged bull. She has never honked at a bull since.

What do you think about Electric cars?

Mmm… I'm fine with them until they defeat the glorious muscles in drag races with their torque on demand systems. Plus I don't want (edited by the interviewer : insert various categories of people) environmentalists criticizing me for loving internal combustion cars.

What are your hobbies?

I love writing about cars and have also written some poems about them. Like almost all other teenagers, I am a music aficionado, I especially adore twenty øne piløts and Eminem. Other than that, I have also collected 1:64 model cars since my childhood. Right now, I've over 140 of them!

What's your favorite model in your collection?

A photo of my full collection and secondly a photo of my favourite cars: 1969 Dodge Charger R/T Daytona, 1995 McLaren F1 GTR, 1977 Porsche 934/5, 1971 Nissan Fairlady 240Z S30, 1968 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 KR.

Are you a Motorsport fan?

Not a big one. However, I love how normal cars do so well at rallies and I keep myself updated with the latest F1 standings. I support Motorsports also because they help in innovation in the industry.

Who is your favorite racer?

I guess Esteban Ocon and Kimi (he needs no reason to be loved).

What's your dream road trip?

A trip through the Himalayan mountain range with my brother or my Spanish friend Hummerinator from Car Throttle in a proper modified Off-Roader.

What's the best road trip you've done?

The best one I've done (I didn't drive) is the one we did in December 2017. It was from Gorakhpur to Chitwan, Nepal in our Nissan Terrano.

Tell us a song that makes you want to drive

Actually no songs make me wish that. I, by default want to drive all the time hahaha. Yet 'A car, a torch, a death' and 'Car Radio' from twenty øne piløts are great car-related songs with deep metaphorical meanings.

What do you think of Drivetribe?

DriveTribe is perhaps an aspiring automotive journalist's (like myself) best bid at earning some experience and popularity in the scene. The sibling Joyride app is also great for casual car enthusiasts who just want some entertainment. All in all, DT and its staff has undoubtedly helped me become more of what I aspire to be.

Thanks for reading!

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