Meet the El-Born - A compact hatchback by Seat

1w ago


The El-Born concept car was first introduced at this year’s Geneva motor show and it anticipates the next generation of compact hatchbacks for Seat. It is named, as ever with Seat, after a Spanish geographical element because El Born is a “barrio”, a neighbourhood, in central Barcelona.

It is based on VW’s MEB platform, the same platform utilized for the ID.3, and it accommodates a 62 kW/h battery pack, although an optional 83 kW/h battery pack is available, and the electric unit makes 204 PS. Zero to sixty is dealt with in 7.5 seconds and the car can travel up to 250 miles on a single charge. With fast charging, the battery takes around 47 minutes to get 80 %.

From the outside, the proportions are the same as the ID.3, it is even more or less the same size, except this is more “Seat-ish” which, in my view at least, makes it a bit more endearing because I think that Seats usually look better than the equivalent VWs. Inside we find the usual tech stuff, you know how it works.

The styling and the badge are different but the VW ID.3 and the Seat El-Born are basically the same car.

The El-Born will only be available in November 2020 and, this is the interesting bit, it may actually be priced above the ID.3, which would be an unusual choice for VW Group, because Seat also has plans to launch a smaller, cheaper EV starting under €20,000.

What do you think, El-Born or ID.3?

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