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Meet the forgotten Mercedes Benz C111-III

42w ago


At the 1970 Geneva Motor Show Mercedes unveiled the Mercedes Benz C111-III. Due to the petrol crisis back then it was fitted with a five-cylinder 3-litre naturally aspirated diesel engine.

With its 227 hp it could pack a top speed of 203 mph (325 km/h) at 4200 to 4600 rpm while 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) just took 4.8 seconds.

But that isn't the only amazing thing about this car. Over the course of 60 hours in 1976 at the Nardo test track four people tested the car and helped it set 9 new records.

Because the car only had one seat each driver had to take two and a half hour intervals per run. The Mercedes C111-III could also do 62 to 67 laps until it needed to be refuelled which is quite impressive for back then.

Although during the testing a hedgehog accidently got in the way of the car which caused damage to the car's front spoiler. But the repair only took two minutes before it went back on track and ran smoothly for the rest of the testing period.

Records that were established at the Nardo test track:

1: 100 km 316.484 km/h

2: 100 miles 319.835 km/h

3: 500 km 321.860 km/h

4: 500 miles 320.788 km/h

5: 1000 km 318.308 km/h

6: 1000 miles 319.091 km/h

7: 1 hour 321.843 km/h

8: 6 hours 317.976 km/h

9: 12 hours 314.463 km/h


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