Meet The Greatest AMC Javelin In The World

No longer with us, AMC was America's forgotten fourth manufacturer

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AMC or American Motors Corporation was a manufacturer of cars back in the 60's and 70's. During the golden age of Trans Am racing AMC and their Javelin took on the might of Ford, Chevy and Mopar. Even legendary team owner Roger Penske raced Javelins. AMC at one point was no joke. AMC made some pretty sweet cars back in the day but thanks to a flooded market, federal regulations and dwindling sales they went belly up and are now left to the pages of history.

Every so often you will see an AMC car come up for auction but it never creates the excitement its more well know rivals generate. There is a cult following but mention AMC to your friends and they are likely to look at you with blank confusion as opposed to wonder and want.

Enter the Ring Brothers those wonderful people who make some of the greatest custom creations in the automotive world. They haven't met a car they don't want to stuff 1,000 plus horsepower. If anyone stands a chance of getting the general public excited about an AMC Javelin it is these guys.

They started with a 1972 Javelin AMX and removed just about all of the original parts and either modified or replaced them. They utilized 3D printing and scanning to speed up the build and the end result is the coolest looking thing I have seen in a very long time. The bodylines lend themselves to the widebody treatment and sidepipes? Oh man, this is one sexy beast.

What about the engine you ask? Well that comes from the good lunatics over at Mopar and their insanely unnecessary but totally awesome Hellcat engine. Though this is the Ring Brothers so a paltry 707 horsepower was never going to be enough. So they cast the stock supercharger aside and in its place they used a 4.5 liter Whipple supercharger that pushes the power over 1,000 horsepower.

These are the build that I love. Take a fairly unknown car add insane horsepower work the body to add an aggressive stance then side pipes, gotta have side-pipes and job done. Hopefully this inspires more people to take the obscure and make them awesome.

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  • Only US built car I would consider. Looks fantastic.

      3 years ago