Meet the irishman that wanted to fly!

The story that proved eveyone wrong.

This is Bobby Coote:

He is a man living in the rural countryside of County Cavan in Ireland, who defied all odds to achieve something for decades of his life, he was told he would never do.

Since the age of just 20, Bobby held a dream of flying very close to his heart. But it was only in his 80s that he realised dreams would not become reality without action, and so he swore that if it was "the last thing he did" he would fly.

Bobby spent months on months, saving tirelessly to fuel his desire. But it was very apparent that there may have been one or two....fairly important components of the scheme missing. And by important components I of course mean a plane, a runway and the ability to fly. Game over then? Not quite, because Bobby very casually turned a big field of grass into his make-shift runway and that was one problem solved.

Now with this inspiring wilpower for achievement, came unquestionable criticism, even from those closest to his heart. Bobby's own family began doubting his ideas and his own brother even said there was "no way he'd get into the air". Yet time went on and soon, remarkably, Bobby bagges himself a plane.

At this point, the attention of people beyond his own front door was being caught, and soon this old man with a dream had rallied a tribe of locals and supporters anxiously awaiting to see this miraculous dream come true. And after a long time of preparation, the day finally came.

Everything came together, and one day, at the age of 81, Bobby Coote really took to the sky. His crowd of cheer and love for the newly-born pilot watched in amazement right from the moment he left the ground to the moment he returned. There was bewilderment that it was actually been done, especially from those who once doubted him. Bobby's wonderful story soon blew up across European media, and then came this:

The show that would tell us all, and let the world witness Bobby's spectable with him. Having only recently learned of the story, I figured I'd share because, well, it's an 80+ year old man who just got in a plane and flew. Dream big I guess!

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