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BUKC Captain: Alex Dowling

I drove carefully this morning but it was a bit too careful... so I decided to go faster.

S├ębastien Loeb

Nickname(s): Welsh, Darling, Dowling

Experience: Sodi's, Dmax, Club100/BUKC, Endurance, Trackdays

Remembered for: 2 Stroke Addiction, ex-president, Sheep, Going on three wheels in a 106 round every corner.

Comparable to: Mattias Ekstrom

Favourite Track: Buckmore Park (Karting Circuit)

Bio: Now a final year student, Alex is a veteran KOK, debuting back in 2013, competing in the in house championship and the BUKC Rookies before being promoted to the Main Championship team later that year. Spending another year in the Rookies, Alex took up the mantle of King KOK in his second year, getting two teams into the Mains Championship of the BUKC. This year as BUKC Captain, he has gotten both teams qualified for the Intermediate class of the BUKC, himself getting a stellar 5th place in his qualifying race for the B team.

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