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3y ago


President - Mike Nutley

Think I did pretty well in that race, I'm well chuffed for my first time out in the wet.

Mike Nutley (On his result for the B team in Qualis)

Nickname - Niki Lauda, King KOK, Miki

Experience: Sodis, DMax, BUKC

Remembered for: The Balaclava

Comparable to: Niki Lauda

Favourite Track: Whilton Mill Kart Circuit

Bio: Mike is currently a first year at Kingston University, however debuted for The KOKS in his foundation year, racing in the top 10 in our in house championship and practising in Dmax 2 stroke karts before making the jump to testing a Club100 kart this year. Having performed well in the Whilton Mill Test, he was then selected to run in the B team for the BUKC Qualifiers, performing well in his first time in the wet weather at Whilton Mill. Solid finishing positions helped him qualify the B team for the intermediate class of the BUKC. Now the president of the KOKS, he organises the club and their outings while upholding what it is to be a KOK!

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