Meet the Lance Altimeter - it is going to change your mind about camping

There's definitely a growing appetite for "overlanding" offroaders, go-anywhere vehicles equipped with camping gear, and this might be one of the coolest you've seen today, it's called the Lance Camper Altimeter and it was recently showcased at SEMA in Las Vegas.

The idea is that you can see this vehicle to go wherever you want, any season and any terrain and then, once you get there, you can survive by making the most of this self-reliant vehicle. I'm not sure it's that comfortable but it's definitely cool.

It's based on a 2019 Ford F-350 Super Duty Truck with a Lance Camper 855S Truck Camper attached on top of it. It is powered by a 6.7 L Powerstroke V8 diesel and has been upgraded with ICON Stage 5 suspension for added ground clearance, front and rear sway bers for better control of the weight and Raceline Defender Wheels with Maxxis RAZR MT tyres.

There's also a new bumper including a winch, Rotopax water and fuel storage, auxiliary LED lights and a plethora of other things like three 100Ah Deep Cycle batteries and a rechargeable flashlight by Maglight.

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Comments (22)
  • EarthRoamer says "hold my beer".

    3 days ago
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  • Some are campers, some are not. To us it's worth it: all the work & the expense & a day on each end of the camping trip to it takes to put it all together & then put it all away. We get something out of it that we can't get in any other thing. So like Yoda says: "there is no try- do or do not."

    2 days ago
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    • Agree 100%!! Wife and I had a Travel Trailer we used 5 or 6 times a year. We went to the mountains, the deserts, beaches, all over the southwest!

      2 days ago
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    • This will sound counterintuitive to most non-campers: but one of my camping favz is waking up the morning after a rain and looking out the tent or camper door and seeing the bark on...

      Read more
      2 days ago
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