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Meet the Lexus made from cardboard

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Lexus do make beautiful cars but the idea to make a car from cardboard with the inspired art of origami may sound a little adventurous, daring and bold but make it they did and here it is.

It`s a work of art

The car was the result of a partnership between design and model companies Laser Cut Works and Scales and Models with the help of cardboard manufacturer, D S Smith. It took 3 months to make not bad considering each individual 10 mm sheet of cardboard had to be cut by a 3D laser printer and painstakingly glued together sheet by sheet, each sheet took 10 minutes to dry and had to be assembled by hand over 3 months, with 1,700 cardboard sheets used for the entire car each with it`s own reference number to ensure the assembly was precise and accurate.

Front view of the Lexus with working headlights

The Origami car

The origami Lexus is functional it has working headlights and a steel frame supports the electric motor the dashboard, seats, doors are in working order and the wheels are also made of cardboard.

Every detail ensured

dashboard view

rear view

grill view.

Watch the video of how the Lexus sculpture was made

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