Meet The Man Who Turned A Juke Into A Rally Car

1y ago


The Juke is Nissan's quirky CUV that most enthusiasts wouldn't want to be caught dead driving unless your Lars Wolfe of Lars Wolfe Racing. Lars took his 2013 Nissan Juke and stripped out the interior, swapped in a manual transmission, and then tuned the engine and suspension to create a rally car.

This Nissan Juke rally car is an extreme machine and exudes motorsport feel never found in a Juke before. Besides the mad GTR swapped Juke R, this Juke rally car is the coolest Juke ever made.

The Nissan Juke has a lot of untapped potential. Once you get around the strange styling, the Juke is just a slightly taller hatchback with AWD and a turbocharged engine. It just takes a visionary to tap into this potential.

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