Meet the Mercedes Simplex Concept - 118 years later

This new concept by Mercedes-Benz hails back to the original Simplex built in 1901.

Mercedes-Benz quietly introduced a new concept car which hails back to a revolutionary car first built in 1901. It's called the Vision Simplex concept and it is a work of art.

The story of the original Simplex began in 1901 when Daimler introduced the 35 PS. It was first unveiled in Nice during Race Week and it came with some ground-breaking features. The engine was mounted lower for a lower centre of gravity, and the car was wider and lighter than most cars of its time. The original engine, a 5.9 L 4-cylinder, made 35 hp.

Now Mercedes has decided to build a new concept car that could capture the essence of the legendary Simplex while also being modern and futuristic.

The Vision Simplex is a 2-seater open top car with no doors and no windscreen built on a monocoque frame. The front of the concept is white, while the back half is black, to match the design of the original vehicle. Several details are painted gold and there hundreds of mini 3-point stars on the wheels. In the cabin, we find a long and visibile steering column and switches of nautical inspiration, with azure blue upholstery and gold and white touches here and there.

The bad news is, Mercedes hasn't confirmed whether a production version of the Simplex will ever be made.

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Comments (38)

  • Where would your first destination be in this retro future concept Mercedes? @tribe

      2 years ago
  • Sorry but that's hideous

      2 years ago
  • I really love it although this definitely seems like a car that would only be releases in a very limited production if at all. Maybe this is just nitpicking because I think in general they've really captured the essence of the original Simplex except for the steering wheel- I'm sure there's engineering reasons for this but on the original the steering wheel was a lot higher up as well as the seats so that you were a bit elevated. This version seems to dig you in a bit deeper more like an F1 cockpit and it makes it feel like you'd be riding a lot closer to the ground than the original. Maybe that's just a modern engineering/safety design but what I liked about the old one is the idea you're kinda propped up almost throne like, in this version you'd just be wedged in there like its a Caterham

      2 years ago
    • If they actually built it, which I don’t think they will, they’d definitely make some changes. Maybe one day, limited to 10 or 12 units

        2 years ago
    • Indeed, it's hard to sell a car that has no roof or windscreen I would think but I'm sure there's always somebody looking for a new toy to bring to track day or cars and coffee.

      The more I look at it the more I don't believe this is actually...

      Read more
        2 years ago
  • Ok they finally lost it.

      2 years ago
    • Hell of a stylish way to lose it, too

        2 years ago
    • Look at the Original 1, nothing to do with this. Also this is so far from Reality. I see the point in good design concepts, even if they will never build but this one is a flop.

        2 years ago