Meet the one of a kind Thanos-Edition Dodge Charger Daytona

It's a custom build of a limited-edition Dodge Charger. Custom built in the name of Thanos, that is.

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Car culture at local car meets will always be the greatest thing about going to car meets. It's great, because there, you can go geek out about how the panel-gap on your car is the size of a tooth-paste tube, and people would understand you're talking about a Maserati.

The other plus of car meets, in this case Cars and Coffee, is you not only see a bunch of cool supercars, but some even cooler custom-tailored cars. Well, at a Cars and Coffee in the unknown state of Delaware, there was a Thanos-themed Dodge Charger.

Now as cool it sounds, no, Dodge didn't make a Thanos-Edition Dodge Charger, all work to make it look as it does is all custom. Before being given the Thanos treatment, this car started off as a Dodge Charger Daytona. Only 1,400 were built. And while that's impressive, having a one-off Thanos car is arguably even better.

The owner did several performance upgrades, from an intake and exhaust tune to a full coil-over suspension kit. Yet, for me, and for most people, the shocking bit is the aesthetic bits that make this car what it is. When I first saw the Thanos Charger, I was pressed to ask if this car was done professionally at a shop or something along the likes of that, because of how well done this build is.

The sideskirts have been replaced, and so have the rims and spoilers. Yet, the owner went so much further with his build. All the little things he did: custom floor mats, the fully custom hood, and the purple knobs and buttons in the interior; they all make this car look nice and buttoned up. And for those wondering, the paintjob is one of the few things left stock: it's Plum Crazy!

Wrap it up

There's your comprehensive tour of the one-off Thanos-themed Dodge Charger! You can certainly tell that tons and tons of work was put into this car. Let me know what you think in the comments: Do you like it, or not?

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