Meet The Plucky Mazda Homologation Hot Hatch You Forgot All About

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In 1992 Mazda homologated its Familia hatchback so the company could compete in Group A Rallying. The resulting Mazda Familia GT-R is a forgotten homologation special with race car credentials and a used 90's Accord price tag.

In 1992, the first year the limited production, the Familia GT-R rolled off the production line to lucky hot hatch enthusiasts in Japan. The GT-R featured flared fenders, larger brakes, a stiffer suspension, chassis stiffening and 5-lug wheels to round out the most important upgrade, Power!

Thanks to a turbo charged 1.8-liter inline-4-cylinder engine the Familia GT-R produced 210 horsepower. This impressive power was thanks to a water-cooled turbocharger IHI turbocharger, sodium-filled valves, larger fuel injectors, a front mounted air-to-water intercooler, and fortified engine internals.

Power was sent through a 5-speed manual transmission to all four wheels thanks to an all wheel drive system that relies on a viscous coupling to distribute power. With the bigger power and ability to send power to all four wheels the Familia GT-R is a whole lot of fun to drive.

Today you can pursue your Group A Mazda Rally fantasy and buy this incredible Familia GT-R on Bring A Trailer. It lives in Japan but shipping is included so you can be the unique JDM bad you always dreamed you'd be.

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  • That isn't the same as the 323 4WD that they sold in North America is it? Similar maybe? I used to navigate a Rally Skoda in club rallies and those Mazda's were QUICK on the snow! We couldn't keep them behind us. They still had a tough time with the Skodas' consistency though. :)

    1 year ago
    • It is similar...but it won't have a turbo...

      I work at a mazda dealership here in BC Canada and we have two of them that still come in for servicing

      1 year ago
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    • There was a 323GTX model aswell. Turbo 4wd. Came in sedan too. That's wat probably went to America maybe?

      1 year ago
  • how could we forget.. the gt was fun and well clutched was as fast as the gtr cause the lag of lag

    1 year ago


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