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@Rahil treats his cat Boo as his ride :p, so here I am with a horse and a chariot!! Believe me this was the "car" back in the day.

40w ago

Let me start like this, you are a kid and like any petrolhead, you love speed! Be it F1, DTM, NASCAR, you simply love it. Now just think about that very kid in 100 AD. What are his options? Well this has to be the famous chariot racing. Kids would have idolized this man like Schumacher or Senna, yes he was a living legend back in the time.

Without further ado, I present to you GAIUS APPULEIUS DIOCLES, born in The Roman Emipre, he started racing at the age of 18. With his ever increasing popularity he started to race in the Rome's Circus Maximus and notably won 1,462 of the 4,257 four-horse races he competed in, and was placed in an additional 1,438 races (mostly finishing in second place).

He won a total of 35,863,120 sesterces( Ancient Roman currency) which according to classical studies professor Peter Struck was equivalent to $ 15 B-I-L-L-I-O-N( yes 15 times the net worth of Jordan). To understand this sesterces, take an example, the famed Roman Legion earned 900 sesterces annually! and here our Diocles earned in millions. Oh man what a legend!!

The races were actually very dangerous and he even survived all his races before retiring. After retirement, he eventually died in the small town of Praeneste.

Now for the people who'll whine " This is boring!!", "History? ewww", "Noooo he is not a celebrity".... ok ok ok, I have something for you as well but promise me the bumps!!

So from now on chariot racing is as important as any other race!! xD

PS: Chariot Racing had some similarities with the modern racing games!!

1st image) The ancient version of lap counter

2nd image)Of course!! the audience

3rd image) The medics in case of emergency

4th image) The safety car( well the horses which basically pulled the horses out incase something happened to their charioteer)

Thanks all for reading!! Hope you liked it( Credits: Screenshots from the movie Ben-Hur)

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