Meet the ruthless & roofless Ferrari 812 GTS

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The Ferrari 812 Superfast first went into production in 2017 and featured a 6.5L naturally aspirated V12 producing a ginormous 789hp and 530lb-ft (718Nm) of torque, making it one the most powerful naturally aspirated production cars on sale.

Say hello to the 812 GTS, which retains these figures and features a retractable metal folding roof. This is the first front-mounted V12 production-series convertible from Ferrari after 50 years, succeeding the 365 GTS/4 Daytona Spider. If you are in the market then congratulations, you no longer have to purchase an Aventador S Roadster to experience a glorious N/A V12 without a roof.

The wicked performance remains

The V12 redlines at an incredible 8,900 RPM, however, it is claimed that 80% of the torque is be available from as little as just 3,500 RPM. That is not a common occurrence in the exotic car world, Ferrari truly have demonstrated their engineering talents. The 7-speed dual-clutch transmission has not been touched either.

0-62mph is predicted to be close to that of the closed-roofed 812 Superfast at 3.0 seconds. 0-124mph (200kmh) is achieved in just 8.3 seconds, which is 0.4 seconds slower than the coupe but still quicker than what it takes for most cars to reach 60mph.

Top speed peaks in at 211mph (340kph), identical to the Superfast.

No roof, no compromises

The roof can be operated at speeds of up to 28mph (45kmh) and only takes 14 seconds to fold away. Needless to say, Ferrari have come a long way from the 458 Spider which only allowed you to operate the roof whilst stationary.

Only 165lbs (75kg) have been added to the car as a result of chassis-strengthening mechanisms, which is highly reasonable. Ferrari claim that the 812 GTS is just as "elastic" as the Superfast due to magnetorheological dampers, which are calibrated to counteract this increased weight. Still not satisfied? Remove the passenger beside you.

You can enjoy the symphonies of one of the greatest V12 engines on sale today through this reveal trailer. The exhaust is truly ruthless to your ears in person but for good reason.


Expect pricing to be start from around 15% higher than the Superfast. CarAdvice predicts an increase of $90,000 AUD ($62,000 USD) for Australian markets, that is quite the upgrade.

Would you consider the 812 GTS if you were in the market?

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