Meet the Track Titan, an 800hp track-focused Hummer

1y ago


Mil-Spec Automotive is a relatively new brand that has entered the restomod scene. After they finished work on their Launch Edition series of Hummers, the chassis used for testing all sorts of new parts suddenly turned irrelevant. It was at this moment that Mil-Spec Automotive’s CEO Adam Mitchell got a brilliant idea: "What if we turned this into a track car?"

And so the Track Titan was born. The re-worked 6.6L Duramax engine powering the Titan is capable of 800hp and a colossal 1500ft-lb of torque. The original part-time four-wheel drive system combined with sticky Pirelli P-Zero tires make sure all this power safely finds its way to the asphalt.

The truck sits just over seven inches lower than its military grade brothers and six-piston callipers and rotors courtesy of Wilwood make sure it stops well in time. A lower roll bar together with a slew of redesigned suspension parts make for a considerably stiff chassis.

While the interior of normal Hummers is usually filled with machine gun ammunition this one makes do with Sparco racing seats and controls for the ARB locking differential that's perfect for destroying tires.

How much does this contraption cost you may ask? Well, it's not for sale. Mil-Spec does have a "normal" off road spec Hummer you can buy right now, though – prices for one of those start at $218,000.

this will get you anywhere but not nearly as fast as the Titan will.

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