Meet the woman who's become famous for loving her Porsche

    Behind the wheel with the social media star and precision driver , @thatporschegirl

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    Lara was aged just 12 when she knew she wanted to drive a Porsche. That was the day she saw a friend of her mother’s drive up in hers. Up to that point, all the women she knew drove station wagons. So, she started saving money and trawling the classifieds. In the evenings she practiced driving her mother’s car on empty streets and when she got her licence at 16, she bought a Beetle. “Super-cute, but pathetic in terms of power,” she remembers. The Beetle couldn’t provide everything, but it did offer freedom. With music on and the windows down, Lara drove throughout California, and after graduating high school the following year, she moved to New York.

    She spent two and a half years on the East Coast working as a model before moving back to California to advance her career in film. But she was bored by jobs as an extra and began working as a precision driver. “No flips in burning cars,” she explains. “It’s more about dynamic precision, and not running over the cameras or putting anyone in danger.” She still takes the wheel for Hollywood stars and in her mid-20s doubled for the likes of Julia Roberts, Jennifer Connelly and Mary Louise Parker.

    Today Lara is known to more than 20,000 followers as @thatporschegirl, her Instagram profile sharing her passion for Porsche while aiming to update the image of women in the world of sports cars. On spotting photos of scantily clad models draped over engine hoods, she comments dryly: “I like to see women at the wheel and on the registration documents.”

    Lara starts up the 911 T, rolls down the window and merges into traffic on the coastal road. The car immediately attracts attention, even among the countless luxury brands familiar to Newport Beach. People also notice the woman at the wheel. “Most of the men think I’ve borrowed the car from my dad,” she says with a laugh, stepping on the gas and moving into the outside lane. “I’m always friendly and keep my thoughts to myself. But it never ceases to amaze me that people are bowled over by a woman at the wheel of a vintage Porsche.”

    Lara is now on the radar of authors, podcast hosts, and event organisers. She helped host the latest California Festival of Speed and wants to launch her own talk show for sports car enthusiasts. But she remains relaxed about what the future may bring. “I’m taking things easy and am going with the flow,” she says while staring straight up the road ahead. At that moment, a sharp bend arrives that Lara takes with evident pleasure, downshifting to third, then second, hugging the racing line before getting firmly back on the throttle. All with absolute precision.

    Macan S: fuel consumption combined: 8,9 l/100 km; CO2e combined 204 g/km

    911 Carrera T (Typ 991 II): fuel consumption combined 9.5 – 8.5 l/100km; CO2e combined 215 – 193 g/km

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    • I remember driving a ‘71 911T back in the 70’s and thinking that driving couldn’t possibly be any better

        1 month ago
    • She chose the right thing to do according to just reading your article 🤙 A woman of passion, precision, understanding and a free/relaxed spirit

        1 month ago
    • Hi there, I think you forgot to contact me about reposting the story I wrote for Porsche's magazine Christophoros

      Please let me know, where I can send my invoice to. Thank you, Kerstin

        22 hours ago


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