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The Melleen Hyperon is the future of track day Hybrid sports cars!

4y ago

Hello DriveTribe! This is a quick update to get everyone up to speed. My name is Lee Adams, and I have been working on Melleen for a few years. It has been a complex process, and I am make good progress. The Hyperon is my original design that I have been developing in CAD, and slowly working on the the build every chance I get!

Here are a few features of the Hyperon Trac-Hybrid:

*Parent-Pending Hybrid Drive System
*Electronic Braking
*Lightweight Carbon Composite Construction
*Alloy Steel Safety Cell
*Adjustable Power Selection

I will be posting updates on the build often, feel free to comment or ask question; I want community interaction! I have been posting progress on my blog. If you would like to see how far I have come, the melleen blog will be a great start! Please check it out!

Please post any ground-up builds that you are working on as well! I would love to see them!

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