Memories of a 2002 Kia Sedona

The things that I remember about my family's previous minivan

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Nicknamed "the green van", our family owned a 2002 Kia Sedona from 2002 to 2014, when we bought a red 2012 model. When we had it, I was not as much of a car enthusiast as I am today, so I considered it to be my favorite car. It wasn't until I was nine, we got the red van, and I began to read car reviews that I started to realize how I was probably the only one who ever considered it be a favorite.

Thanks to my shortness back then, I found it to be a spacious and comfortable van, with tons of space to get in and out. The feeling was enhanced by the fact that I had about a foot of space between my head and the ceiling and that my feet couldn't touch the floor. However, interior materials were so cheap that every other car felt nicer. Almost everything was shiny and brittle, with yawning panel gaps.

The ride was brutal, sending a chorus of rattles, creaks, and squeaks throughout the interior. Every time we entered a particularly rough road, I would brace for impact and exhale a sigh of relief once the pavement smoothed out. I don't recall any quirks and features, except for an annoying lidless compartment on the dashboard. It was wide enough for a CD, but only tall enough for 1 and 7/8 CDs and was made of slick plastic, so stuff would slide out on hills and when entering freeways.

The 2002-2005 Sedona is one of the least reliable cars of it's time, but the engine was trouble- free. However, the left sliding door broke once, so we got a replacement one. That one broke too, so it wasn't replaced in fear that the replacement replacement would break. It was only ever damaged once, when we were sideswiped at 5 MPH in a parking lot--on the left sliding door. Two of the seat belts in the third row broke, too, effectively making it a five-seater.

Getting the red one was an exciting day. As we pulled into our neighborhood, I noticed a red van parked near our apartment and pointed to it, saying, "Mom, whose car is that?". She replied, "It's ours", and I celebrated. It had a tan interior, which I preferred over the dour gray one in the green van, and captain's chairs, which I had never seen before. I thought they were the most comfortable chairs I had ever sat in. I sat in more comfortable cars later, but our van is still among the best. I was ecstatic when I found out that the windows rolled down.

"The red van" is far better than the green van, thanks to better interior quality, better reliability, more space, more power, more cabin storage, and many others. It isn't a favorite, but has served us well and continues to today.

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  • In addition to the many objective reasons for doing so, the Sedona's market status as the underdog has always made like it. Thanks for the reminder. 😃

      2 months ago