Mental 1000hp all-wheel-drive SR20VET Silvia with sequential transmission!

PJ's infamous S13 Silvia has run deep into the 8s as a RWD at the drag strip, but to keep up with the GT-Rs, AWD was the way to go.

PJ's infamous S13 Silvia has run low 8s at the dragstrip and is one f the fastest Silvia's in the world. He is also well known for being an avid, and highly competitive, drag racer both on and off the track. He has competed in the Motive DVD Drag Battle event at Cootamundra Airport almost every year since 2010 and the street style surface makes traction hard to get. He has been tying for so long to break into the 9s on the runway and keep up with the GT-R boys, but it just wasn't happening. So what did he do? Sell it and get a GT-R? No way. He added GT-R all wheel drive to the S13 Silvia.

Power has never been a problem for PJ and the guys at at Advance Motor Mechanics. The current engine is a billet SR20 block with 2.2L stroker kit. The SR20DET head has been ditched and replaced with a SR20VE head. These heads have much larger ports and bigger flow from factory ( stock VE flows more than heavily ported DE) and also have variable cam timing and life, just like VTEC. PJ's head has been ported, upgraded valve springs and camshafts and over sized valves fitted. With a Precision 7675 turbo and all the supporting gear it makes over 950 wheel horsepower. Easily over 1000 engine horsepower.

As a rear wheel drive the car could get down the drag strip in low 8s, but on the street on runway, it just couldn't put the power down. Doing the "cant beat em, join em" and buying a GT-R wasn't an option for PJ, so, he and the team at Advance looked at a way to convert the car to all wheel drive. They had previously fitted a OS Giken OS88 6-Speed sequential transmission designed for a GT-R to the car by simply removing the transfer case and making it RWD. They figured, why not put that transfer case back on and add a front diff. This sounds easy, but isnt. A custom sump was made that the front diff attaches to, just like on a RB26 in a GT-R, and custom suspension made so driveshafts could be fitted tot he GT-R front hubs. The car already had a GT-R rear diff and shafts, so essentially, the car has a GT-R drivetrain, which is controlled by an ETS-Pro from Full Race, which is an aftermarket 4WD controller.

Normally this would be an unfair match up at Cootamundra, but not any more. Both are 4-cylinder all-wheel-drives.

Normally this would be an unfair match up at Cootamundra, but not any more. Both are 4-cylinder all-wheel-drives.

The car has only just started its development but expect some big things in the future. PJ has told us he wants to enjoy the car for a while, both on the street and at the track, before going to the next level with a VR38 conversion. How does a 2000hp R35 inside a S13 Slvia shell sound?.........

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  • I built skyline gtr 4x4 on my s13 some years ago. Fully functional as in a skyline r32 gtr.

      3 years ago