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Mercades A class

Another terrible attempt at journalism

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Mercades A class, a car that is much improved over the previous incarnation. To start with, it no longer looks like a massive bug and the interior is much nicer. Now seeing as I have applied for a job at Mercades I will be very fair about this heap of junk, sorry I mean car. I will therefore promise not to moan about every single little detail I hate about it, like I would usually do.

For once I will start with how it feels to drive. First of all because I was fed up with the same old pattern that I was writing in and second is because I do what I like. But now back to the car, this is where I tell you what model I drove. This I will tell you, it was a sport one. Okay okay, it was a 180D sport. This car then was completely gutless, but you could feel the underpinnings of a decent car. For example, I liked the feel of the steering, the A class has nice chunky steering wheel, which is a nice touch. The actual steering felt direct enough for my liking, also it has the weight that I desire from a car. The power delivery was dire, but as I said before the engine is gutless. But this is not really an issue in this car as it is most likely to be used printer sales executives. However, the gear changes in the manual where very good, the gear stick itself has a short shift with the gate being close together. This helps to make the car feel sporty if not annoying when you first drive it. There are some issues though, the long nose and the vision out of the back. The nose is a problem because as well as being long, it dips off towards the end. This makes it hard to judge where the bonnet ends. The problem with vision out the back is mainly the tiny rear window and massive C pillars. This is further made worse by the fact the back of the car curves round meaning you can't see it in the wing mirrors. Therefore, for the first and probably last time I will offer some relevant advice. You need to add parking sensors to the options list. There we go, don't expect that for another two or three years.

Other things that make this car feel sporty is the seating position, which can be set low, this will please the youth with their laid-back driving style. Overall the interior made me feel safe, it wraps around you, cocooning you like a loving hug. My main gripe with the interior is the centre console, which in my opinion (I am always right) looks out of date by about 10 years. The console layout is better in an Audi a3, with a screen that has thin bezels and that retracts. The buttons are far too small as well and bunched together making it hard to see what button you actually want. Then you have where the cruise control lever is. On a Ford Transit, you have a button you press then you set the speed you want, and guess where this is… Yep on the steering wheel so you can actually see it, but oh no Mercedes felt they would still put it on the steering column. Like they did 20 years ago, come on Mercedes this is the 21st century. Other than that, the storage space is decent, with large door bins, good cup holders and a good glovebox. The back seats were apparently quite comfortable, I didn’t bother with them, I don’t sit in the back. Now to a rather silly design feature the boot. Now the boot is a good size, but the opening is a stupid shape. This is because of the rear light clusters which eat in to the opening. This I feel would make it difficult to fit big items in to the boot.

The exterior starts well. The front looks good, with its long bonnet and raked back windscreen. But depending on what model you buy; the designer must have given up. The back is just too bland, the AMG models spruce it up a bit with vents and exhausts you can see. But most other models look plain and boring. That said the car is good looking, with some brilliant alloy wheel options and paint colours available. Just make sure it isn’t the odd brown colour Mercedes offers, because that is horrible. I can’t really think of anything else to do with the exterior. But as you know here at CAL reviews, we don’t always go for quality journalism. I’m not even sure you can call it journalism.

So, should you buy this car. In my honest and correct opinion, no. I feel that a BMW 1 series is a better car as it is rear wheel drive and the interior is nicer. But seeing as I want the job at Mercedes. This is the best hatchback currently on sale in the world and it is the perfect drivers car. So Buy one, preferably from me.

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