Mercedes 300D update 2

In which I find out that Mercedes is not great with parts production.

34w ago

Alternator belts:

My dad and I knew this was one of the things that we would have to take care of upon buying the car, and I kind of expected it to be easy. Three weeks later, we've finally managed to replace the belts. So what took so long? Well, part of it is that we are only able to work on the car on weekends, but we had other problems too. First, you had to remove ALL the belts just to get to the two we had to replace. Fortunately, the person selling us the car kindly threw in a set of belts. Unfortunately, they didn't fit (but thanks anyway). Also, our local auto parts store didn't have any, so we had to order them. Unfortunately, the U.S. Postal Service is currently under attack from fascism on top of the other problems it's had for years. For this reason, the belts took forever to arrive. But eventually, they did arrive, and we were able to get them on successfully.


As you may remember from my first article on this car, the car came with a key that had no head, so a pair of needle-nose pliers was required to operate it. No problem, I thought, we'll just go down to a hardware store and have them make copies. Oh, how wrong I was. As it turned out, the hardware store couldn't make a copy because they didn't have blanks for it. So we went to a Mercedes-Benz dealership to order overpriced keys from Germany. Unfortunately, we couldn't do that, because Mercedes has decided it can't be bothered to produce an incredibly important part for a car it made 2.7 million of. So my dad had to get blanks from somewhere else (I don't know where, exactly), and we took the blanks to a hardware store to get copies made. Unfortunately, the keys are not that high-quality, and so the difficulty in opening various locks on the car ranges from kind of annoying but not too bad (driver's door and trunk) to very difficult (ignition switch) and impossible (passenger door). I hope we have more blanks...

What we still need to do:

- Fix one or both main seals

- Fix a vacuum leak

- Fix the A/C

- New high beam bulbs

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  • Wow! This sounds like a demanding project. Good luck!

      7 months ago