Mercedes amg gt

the tippy top of my christmas list

4y ago

First of all I'd like to begin by telling you my dream car. For me, the Merc AMG GT is the goal. I love the raw power of it, the sound and most of all it's imposing looks. The long bonnet gives it a stand out look, that although similar maybe to a BMW Z4, it looks much more sophisticated and grown up, but still just as much fun. Ever since I saw Mr Clarkson drive it's predecessor in the Top Gear Special a few years ago I've loved it and would be the first thing that I purchased if I won the lottery. (However the insurance for a 19 year old may cost more than the car? Who knows).

So when my mum asked what I wanted for Christmas I emailed her a few links. One for a polo shirt, one for a PlayStation game and one for the AMG GT. However I don't think I'll be receiving that last one this year. I'd like to know what your dream cars are, why you love them, and why that car in particular stands out to you.

For me, the Merc AMG GT is the goal

Joe Moran

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