Mercedes AMG GT Black Series

What's so special about Affalterbach's latest creation

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Right, take yourself back to 2013. Mercedes has just released the latest Black Series in the stable. The SLS AMG Black Series. This was the most powerful petrol powered V8 AMG vehicle to come out of Affalterbach. This was the last Black Series to be produced...until now.

The team at Mercedes AMG have decided to release the Mercedes AMG GT in a new Black Series guise.


Now the Mercedes AMG GT was a bespoke AMG vehicle but was actually the least powerful V8 car they had on sale in it's standard GT form. So the boffins at Mercedes have decided to amp up the performance.

The Mercedes AMG GT Black Series uses the same the 4.0 litre twin turbo V8 that came in the original GT but now it produces a whopping 730hp and 800 Nm of torque, that's 274 horsepower and 200 Nm of torque more than what the GT first produced, this officially makes it the most powerful AMG to date. Power is transmitted to the rear wheels by Mercedes 7 speed DCT gearbox instead of the 9 speed found in new AMG's. Top speed is up to 325km/h(201mph) and a 0-100km/h time of just 3.2 seconds. Mercedes also claim 12.8/100km (in a 730hp track car? yeah right).

Exterior Design and Aerodynamics

Now Mercedes boss Tobias Moers promised there would be a Black Series but all we got was the GT R. Now that car had the wing and big intakes of a track car but it was as flamboyant as a Porsche GT3. The new Black Series however is as outlandish as the GT2 RS when it comes to design and aerodynamics.

At the front the car has a new larger front splitter to increase downforce, a bigger grille for the new radiator air inlet to allow better cooling and improve air flow to the engine, new front air canards and side vents which allow air to flow into the front and run through the body work into the wheel wells to allow the brakes to cool. The cars hood also has vents to allow air to flow into the bonnet for cooling and expel hot air.

To the sides the car has gills over the front wheel wells and has new bigger side vent with a V8 badge and side sills panels finished in carbon fibre which run from the front wheel well along the side skirts and to the rear wheel well which channel air along the bodywork to allow extra downforce and stability. The Black also features an exposed carbon fibre roof which is used to reduce the centre of gravity. The car sits on 19' inch forged wheels.

To the rear is where things become childishly interesting. The car has a twin plane rear wing, this wing has a thin inner blade to allow air flowing over from the front of the car to flow over the car seamlessly and the upper blade to allow air passing over to produce as much downforce as possible. The upper blade also has a flap on it which can adjust electronically to increase downforce and braking or increase drag. The wing is bolted to a carbon fibre tailgate. The cars rear lower panel comes in carbon fibre which features quad circle exhaust and big diffuser to help manage airflow underneath the vehicle.


The interior of the car turns the sporty look up all the way to 11. The interior is the same as the GT R even keeping the bit of Lego on the dash. The steering wheel is covered in alcantara and the spokes are pained in black and has "Black Series" engraved on it, the dash is covered in carbon fibre, alcantara and has orange highlights to add a bit of colour to the design. The car also features new carbon fibre racing buckets with racing harnesses.


Well the price hasn't been released yet but you can expect it to be quite an expensive set of wheels to buy being a limited edition Black Series machine.

Personal Thoughts

Well I'm not gonna lie but for me the design is more vulgar the pretty. Now I don't have a problem with the overall design. The large amount of exposed carbon fiber all over is a bit of an overkill, the arms holding up the rear wing are too narrow at the base and personally I feel like the large gaping lower intakes on the GT R would be better suited on this car than the thin side vents. Also I was hoping that Mercedes would create new wheels for this limited edition car instead of using the forged wheels which were first scene on the SLS Black Series.

But overall I suspect on the performance front this is finally what the Mercedes AMG GT should have been. The most powerful and outlandish performance car to come out of Affalterbach, a true successor to the SLR and SLS by being the best Mercedes can offer.

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