Mercedes-AMG GT63S is the fastest luxury vehicle on the Nurburgring Nordschleife

      Another day, another record. After all, it's the best, or nothing.

      2w ago


      When Mercedes-AMG pulled the wraps of the GT Four Door, I was a bit taken a back. I loved the CLS, particularly the W218, and was a bit disappointed that they rebranded it and added styling elements from the AMG GT. Though, BMW re-imagined the 8-Series and brought out the M8, so I understand the need to bring out a "new" mid-sized four-door coupe, but that doesn't mean I have to like the decision. What I do have to acknowledge, is that the new GT63S is the fastest luxury car around the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

      With a time of 7:23 for the 12.8 mile version of the track, and 7:27.8 for the 12.944 mile version, this places the GT63S atop the list of luxury vehicles to lap the Green Hell. The previous record holder in this category was a Porsche Panamera Turbo S ran a 7:29.81 in September.

      This was a mostly stock GT63S, with the optional AMG Aerodynamics package and a set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2. Demian Schaffert, an AMG development engineer was behind the wheel, and with the suspension upgrades to the new 2021 GT63S, the big Merc was able to serve up a fresh batch of Gapplesauce, just in time for Thanksgiving too.

      Comparing the GT63S to the Panamera Turbo S, the GT63S is up on power by 10 horsepower and up on torque by 60 lb-ft. The Merc is also roughly 200 pounds lighter than the Panamera. Considering both of them have 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V8s, it's a clear win for the Merc here.

      What car would you like to dethrone the Mercedes-AMG GT63S? Comment Below!

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      Comments (22)

      • Brabus do a ‘rocket’ version of this car, imagine what it’s lap time would be!

          17 days ago
        • They do it's called the Brabus 900

            16 days ago
      • Wouldn't. That's really quick. I wouldn't mind sitting behind the wheel and doing some business in one of these. Just not on the Ring. I'm thinking long winding country roads at incredibly high rates of speed.

          17 days ago
        • I love these cars, but they are in the “if i had that kind of money...” category for me.

            17 days ago
        • Same and that's not going to happen for me - disabled and going down the drain. But I can still enjoy them from my 4K.

            17 days ago
      • Porsche needs to take the record back. I don't like new Mercedes-Benzes because they are too generic.

          17 days ago
      • A Brabus 900 sent around the 'ring would be really cool. Also, I wonder if Porsche will try lap timing the Turbo S E-hybrid version—heavier but more power compared to the regular Panamera Turbo. Maybe in the future we will see a Lucid Air with a record lap time.

          4 days ago
      • Hate to break it to you but a GT-Class is not a "luxury" sedan. It's a high-performance premium sports sedan, based on the E-Class.

        Luxury means top of the line, a flagship in the pinnacle of the brand. The S-Class is a luxury car. It is heavy and filled with loads of tech.

        A GT-Class has only slightly more features than what you can find in a Charger or Avalon

        Can't wait to see how the GT63S will do against the upcoming Charger Hellcat Redeye Widebody

          16 days ago
        • In addition a high sticker price tag alone doesn't make it a "luxury" car. (Nor does being from a "luxury" brand; heck, Kia makes the K9.) An Escalade is a rebadged Tahoe for example with plenty of features and costs $100K fully loaded. That's...

          Read more
            16 days ago
        • Let's go over some facts:

          The GT63S is a luxury car. The official lap time on the Ring's website confirms that. The GT63S is 106 pounds lighter than an S-Class, which is almost negligible here. The GT63S has an incredible amount of features...

          Read more
            16 days ago


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