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Mercedes-AMG Project ONE spied testing at Nürburgring

Are you still excited or is the hype dead?

The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE concept was unveiled back in 2017, which seems like quite a while ago. However, deliveries are set to take place later this year so an official debut of the production car should be around the corner. Our friends over at Carscoops captured the German hypercar at the Nürburgring undergoing some tests and it looks rather promising.

All spy photographs can be accessed via Carscoops' website or by clicking here.

For starters, all the styling elements from the 2017 concept seem to be intact with the exception of the front canards, which have been swapped for less aggressive ones in spied vehicle. Even the cabin is identical in layout to the concept. From the track-ready steering wheel to the angled infotainment screen, everything seems to be in place... if you ignore all the testing equipment and wiring.

The Project One will utilise a 1.6L turbocharged V6 and four electric motors to produce between 1000-1200hp according to estimates. Some aspects of the powertrain had to be reengineered in order to meet fuel consumption and CO2 (WLTP) regulations. With F1 technology packed into this road-legal racer, it's not difficult to see why all 275 units were sold for $2.72 million USD a pop.

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Comments (15)

  • I'd totally forgotten about it. Same with the Valkyrie. They've dragged out its development too long since the announcement and now the hype has died down almost completely for me at least.

      27 days ago
  • I hope it doesn't complaining about its tyres after 5 min (I'm not a Hamilton hater btw theres a reason hes a 7 time world champion)

      26 days ago
  • Lets see if it brings a set of new tyres ahah jokes aside, thats a nice car

      26 days ago
  • I‘ve seen it testing unwrapped at the Contidrom in November 2020. It looked pretty finished there.

    I think that the hype is over right now because so much time passed since it was announced.

      26 days ago
    • Must have been quite the sight to see it in the flesh!

      And yes, AMG teased it too early back in 2017.

        25 days ago
    • I was there to pick up an GTR-BS by truck.

      I heard a strange Engine Noise which was from the Project-1, and i was stoked by the Looks of this thing.

      Read more
        25 days ago
  • I still wish it had a V8 but that F1 tech is deeply impressive nonetheless 🔥

      27 days ago