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Mercedes-AMG unveils a sporty-looking roof box

High-speed luggage transport

38w ago

If you are going on holiday or simply going away for the weekend, the boot of your car may not be enough to hold all your family's luggage. For this reason, it is possible to add a trailer that will be able to hold all the extra suitcases. And when you don't want to, or can't tow, you can always use a roof box.

This solution may even become unavoidable when you own a sports car with an inconvenient boot. Mercedes-AMG has developed a roof box for the sports cars of the brand in order to solve this problem. Obviously, the design of the product is specific to go best with Mercedes-AMGs.

The whole is very pure and streamlined to keep optimal aerodynamics. The small side notches with opening handles carefully hidden under a cover allow the roof box to split the air even better. The rear section is equipped with a small lacquered shark fin.

The most surprising thing is undoubtedly the presence of a diffuser like on sports cars. Here again, it improves airflow and reduces wind noise at high speeds. The AMG roof box offers a capacity of 410 litres and a payload of 70 kg.

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Comments (7)

  • Looks nice and I love that car but the better all round option was to buy the E63s wagon in the first place.

    You know I’m right!!

      8 months ago
  • Roof boxes are great. Let me explain why.

    Down here, in Cornwall, UK, we are a very popular holiday (vacation) destination.

    When we see a roof box, we cover the break peddle, as we know something stupid is about to happen.

      8 months ago
  • Nice, very nice 👍

      8 months ago
  • Shit they must be desperate

      8 months ago
  • Nothing is “sporty” about a roofbox.

    It merely signals how virtuous you are and how much of a sporty person you pose to be, as compared to your neighbours that don’t have a roofbox.

    Need more storage space for your kit? Buy a van - or is that suggestion now xenophobic??

    Oy vey

      8 months ago