Mercedes and the Weeknd commemorate the brand's history

And also promote the new EQ

Mercedes Benz is probably one of the oldest manufacturers in the world if not the oldest (feel free to correct me in the comments) and a couple of weeks ago they announced plans to stop researching on internal combustion engines.

Now, they are putting even more weight behind that decision by teaming up with the artist The Weeknd to promote their electric SUV. They did it while reminding us, the public, who is Mercedes Benz- Daimler and, what they have done for the automotive world, including scenes of the original Gullwing sliding around among other cars that are significant for the brand.

There is also worth mentioning at the end of the 1-minute video you can see below and is the phrase " It's more than electric; it's a Mercedes."It could be a jab to another electric brand that has tried to claim the crown of luxury and comfort on the electronic market even they can't paint a car right. Or it's just a statement of the brand's commitment with their new path towards EV.

Adding to that, we can have a sneak preview of the artist's new single "Blinding Lights", adding more expectation to the release of the full film on November 29th, as The Weeknd's fans have been waiting for new music to come out since the My Dear Melancholy... LP.


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