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Mercedes are making a new Concept car called the One-Eleven

It's going to be based on the new AMG One!

12w ago

Mercedes-Benz have recently filed a new car name patent with the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) for their new AMG car that will be roughly based off the AMG One. It's called the Vision One-Eleven. You can tell by the name it is a concept car at the moment as it has the word 'Vision' in it so it's probably (if they ever get sold to the public) the One-Eleven.



Some of you avid history fans may know that in 1929, W11 was a code number which could be a reference to the car's name. Although it seems far fetched but could still be a possibility. The One-Eleven had the number 11 in it and I mentioned earlier the 11 could have some correlation to the code W11 (which let's be honest is highly unlikely.) According to Mercedes, they plan to only make 275 units of the car which also rules out the possibility of the number of cars made being tied in with the Eleven part of the name.

But enough detective work, the car will be revealed at some point in 2022 and will be find more out then I assume. Mercedes could be using this car as ultra exclusive as there aren't many units being made. There will be (if all of them are sold) less One Elevens than McLaren P1s in the world which will make a very rare car to spot.

There are other predictions that because the AMG One is a track built race car for the road which sports F1 technology and components, maybe this new One Eleven concept might be a non road legal track car. We don't know as these are only educated guesses and rumours from other places online. Although some of them like the link between 'eleven' and 'W11' are almost completely unlikely to have some link, the others are very much possible.

Mercedes AMG One

Mercedes AMG One

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