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Mercedes believes that synthetic fuels have no future

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In order to meet future emission standards, manufacturers will undoubtedly adopt radically different strategies. For example, while a majority are betting on electrification, other brands are opting for synthetic fuels, which could be a credible alternative to diesel.

This is the case of Mazda, Audi and McLaren, who claim to be actively working on an alternative fuel that is environmentally friendly and much less expensive than electricity. This observation is clearly not shared by Mercedes, which admits that it does not believe in alternative fuels. Thermal engines have already reached their full potential.

According to Markus Schäfer, head of research and development at Mercedes, keeping internal combustion engines and looking for new, cleaner sources of fuel is not a viable solution in the medium term. Standards will continue to become more and more demanding.

As a result, at some point it will no longer be possible to meet them even with a clean alternative fuel. Mercedes will therefore rely on plug-in hybrid engines and electric motors to meet future emission standards.

Photo credits Mercedes

Photo credits Mercedes

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  • There is a future for synthetic fuels and it will be the classic car market as people will still want to see and hear the vehicles of the past.

      10 days ago