Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Reviewed

6w ago


In life there are very few great things. When and if we’re lucky enough to experience or even have these we always manage to take them for granted. Take a look at the V8 engine for example, since 1914 when the first one was in production we have always loved them but haven’t truly appreciated the engine until now when the possibility of the electric car may kill it off. I am very happy however that companies, for the moment, are continuing to produce, develop and refine this magnificence of an engine.

When I had the opportunity to drive Mercedes-Benz’s new AMG GT touring car I jumped at the chance. With its new 4 litre Biturbo V8 the expectations where high and luckily it did not disappoint. From the outside the car was truly stunning. All the curves and lines reminded me of the old SLS but much more polished and smoothed. This almost looks deadly; the combination of the headlights and grill is like a hungry shark waiting to go in for the kill.

In the interior it seems a lot easier to understand than its other Mercedes siblings. The drive selector is in the correct place on the centre console, the start/stop button is in a very visible location and all the buttons have a high quality feel. The AMG performance sports seats with Nappa leather were very comfortable, which with the combination of the Burmester surround sound (which almost seem too good for a car) makes the interior an great place to be, whether you’re on you’re daily commute to work or cruising around the South of France. On the downside though the centre console is excessively wide, so it feels slightly smaller inside than other grand-tourers like the Aston Martin Vantage.

Turning on the engine you are greeted by a symphony. The engine purrs to life and urges you to drive it. This is one of the most beautiful sounding cars I have ever known and only improves when you start to drive it. When you put your foot down it responds almost instantly and sings to you like a Matt Monro song, and forces your head back to the seat with it’s 476 HP and a 0-100kph (0-63mph) in 4 seconds. The AMG GT may not handle as well as the likes of the new 911 (this doesn’t corner anywhere near as well as that car), and this car may be very well built, but the 911 is just slightly more comfortable. You can definitely feel the pure passion behind this car and it constantly wants to accelerate much like a hyperactive puppy. I couldn’t help but to fall in love with this car.

This may not be the best car in the world but as a grand touring car this is utterly fantastic. Combined with the sound and power you can’t help but love it. At 132,000 Pounds Sterling its not cheap and it’s depreciation would almost make you faint (on average 34% over the first three years) but worth very penny. Walking away from the car I had a sense of sadness. The knowledge that I may never get to drive that car again made me feel slightly empty, and left a hole in my heart yet to be filled. Yes, granted you can get cars like the 911 which have much better handling, and you can get more powerful cars, but this car has a true soul and passion to it that isn’t available on other cars. No car I know of can even come close. So if you are a truly passionate petrol head who wants a beautiful grand tourer with the sound of an angry lion I urge you to consider this. An utterly magnificent car that will play with your heart strings like a harp.