Mercedes Benz comes up with a brutal comeback after being trolled by BMW

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It's always fun to watch two people taking a dig at each other. No wonder Top Gear became so famous. But this fun escalates even further when multi-national corporations join in to try a hand — a little formal, more professional fun.

One such instance happened recently when German carmaker BMW tweeted a Halloween message for its followers. In all possible aspects, the post seemed like a direct attempt to troll counterpart carmaker, Mercedes Benz.

Laughs at the company from Munich couldn't last even for an entire hour as Mercedes came up with a befitting or instead, a savage reply to the said post. Mocking BMW's latest debacle comprising of weirdly massive grilles, Mercedes was smart enough to quickly join the bandwagon and 'grill' BMW on the same.

This phenomenon of the massive front grille has received a lot of flak from the public, especially on social media. This design theme, initiated by the X7 SUV and followed up by Concept 4, is said to have been executed to please the Chinese buyers, one of the largest car markets in the world.

While BMW might have pleased the Chinese, it unwillingly appears to have pleased quite a lot of meme creators as well, making the social media websites a mocking ground for the Munich-based company. It remains to be seen whether BMW remains persistent with its gigantic grille philosophy or finally decides to give in.

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  • perfectly MBz response, savage yet subtle 😂 saw this on my Insta feed yesterday actually lol glad someone in the Tribe caught it! good article, hadn't thought about the Chinese market

    11 days ago
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  • Although the bmw grilles look massive, the Mercedes grille is just as big if not bigger it appears in the photo...

    10 days ago


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