- 230 GE 1989

Mercedes Benz G wagon:the most attractive iron box across the globe


Overview,the G wagon stay with us for 39 years (since 1979).

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class, sometimes called G-Wagen (short for Geländewagen, "cross country vehicle"), is a mid-size four-wheel drive SUV manufactured by Magna Steyr (formerly Steyr-Daimler-Puch) in Austria and sold by Mercedes-Benz. In certain markets, The G-wagen is characterised by its boxy styling and body-on-frame construction. It uses three fully locking differentials, one of the few vehicles to have such a feature. the G-Class is still in production and is one of the longest produced Mercedes-Benz in Daimler's history. Only the Unimog surpasses it.

460 models

200 GE — M102E20 2.0 L I4, 109 PS (80 kW) at 5,200 rpm, (only sold in Italy and a few other markets)[11]

230 G — M115 2.3 L I4, 102 hp (75 kW), 127 lb·ft (172 N·m/3,000 rpm)

230 GE — M102E23 2.3 L I4, 125 PS (92 kW) at 5,000 rpm, 141 lb·ft (192 N·m/4,000 rpm)

280 GE — M110E 2.8 L I6, 156 hp (115 kW), 166 lb·ft (226 N·m/4,250 rpm)

240 GD — OM616 2.4 L Diesel I4, 72 PS (53 kW) at 4,400 rpm, 101 lb·ft (137 N·m/2,400 rpm)

250 GD — OM602 2.5 L Diesel I5, 84 hp (62 kW), 113 lb·ft (154 N·m/2,800 rpm)

300 GD — OM617 3.0 L Diesel I5, 88 PS (65 kW) at 4,400 rpm, 126 lb·ft (172 N·m/2,400 rpm)

461 models

The 461 is the dedicated military and parapublic service model, produced since 1990. The 462 designation was used on ELBO-made Greek army verhicles. The Peugeot P4 had its own designations.

230 GE — M102E23 2.3 L I4, 125 hp (92 kW), 140 lb·ft (192 N·m/4000 rpm)

290 GD — OM602D29 2.9 L Diesel I5, 95 hp (71 kW)

290 GD TD — OM602DLA29 2.9 L Diesel I5 (turbocharged), 92 kW (123 hp)

463 model 1990-present

The chassis was significantly revised for 1990, and resulted in the new 463 G-Class. Equipped with anti-lock brakes, full-time 4WD and a trio of electric locking differentials. The interior was totally upgraded, finished with wooden accents and optional leather upholstery. The 463 features a larger choice of engines, with the first V8-powered model, the luxury 500 GE, appearing for a limited two-year production run in 1993. The 500 GE used the M117 engine, a four-speed automatic transmission, and, notably for a G-Wagen, only came with two locking differentials.Steering wheel was revised for 1993 model year. All 463 G-Wagens began using Mercedes-Benz's new letter-first naming scheme in 1994, as well as another major steering wheel revision which included driver airbags.

G 270 CDI — OM612 2.7 L Diesel I5 (turbocharged), 156 hp (115 kW), 294 lb·ft (400 Nm)

G 280 CDI — OM642 3.0 L Diesel V6, 183 hp (135 kW), 294 lb·ft (400 Nm) (manufactured in both 4×4 and 6×6)

G 300 CDI — OM642 3.0 L Diesel V6, 183 hp (135 kW), 294 lb·ft (400 Nm)

1979 200GE

papa G

In 1980, Mercedes-Benz built a dedicated car based on the G-Wagen 230G (W460) for Vatican Catholic pope.The previous Pope Saint John Paul II had been shot and killed by a gangster in a convertible.Thusthe Vatican took delivery of a specially made G-Wagen outfitted with a clear thermoplastic top for protection.

As the Popemobile. The “Papa G” later took up permanent residence at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.

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As the same as land rover defender the G wagon served in many nations also

Map of military Mercedes-Benz G-Class operators surprisingly,it is including DPRK

Bulgarian army G-class with HELBROC insignia

Malaysia Army GD290


Canadian Army G-Wagens

A Wolf of the German Army

Denmark army 240 GD

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240 GD Credit Google

I'm loving this 240 GD now.

The 240 GD air intake grille, headlights, anti-collision nets and parcels are especially have sense of the times.Classic!And this is the same reason i love the old cars. These old designs less noticeable although and it will have a unique flavor if they are tasted carefully.It is precisely because of this, the unique charm of the classic car - the sense of time, has become a very important reason for my favorite old car.I added this car to my favourite car list that list have 163 cars already.

what a beautiful car!

other military G wagon

230 GE

Unknown army

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Celebrities love G as well

Our state governor of Cali the tough man has his own electric G wagon,releases man temperament.

Transformers 1-2 heroine Megan Fox has owned a G wagon also.

The American prestige youtuber loving in G too.

Jon Olsson was modifying his G500 4x4² convertible

Jon Olsson's “happy time!” and he sold his convertible later

Besides there is other carman Salomondrin Alejandro.For the first,he wasn't that much love G but under his wife's asking he bought her wife a G finally for compromise.

Later on, Salomondrin Alejandro became G fan, bought a G and sent it to Brabus for modification. After going through a long time he received his 4x4 finally.

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Manny Khoshbin the most similar car taste with me had a 4x4



In my opinion,G wagon is that kind of car which does have the ability attracting female and man.There are quite a lot people i have known had bespoken they have interest with G clearly including girl.Because this car makes people feel very domineering. Looking around, it is like a ribbed, square iron box in the distance, especially beautiful unconstrained. The car's suspension is quite high. If it is G500 4x4² will be much higher, which will give people a feeling of "higher and lower".

1990 Mercedes Benz G Class 23的 GE Wolf By Legacy Overland Credit google

Personally, i have other interpretation.Because the manufacturer has already felt that the temptation of G for women is really not small.Mercedes 18G designing deliberately more sleek to adapting women market for attracting women becoming potential customers and turn potential customers into prospective customers.Perhaps this is the intention of the manufacturer.

Therefore, I personally still like the old-fashioned angular G, 18G feels too round, perhaps in the words of young girls, called Meng Meng. There is no such calm, domineering, deep temperament or some men's hearts. It is even a kind of heart that symbolizes its attachment to one thing without compromising.

To verify this, I have specifically asked the female friend who likes G to think about 18G. However, as I have explained, I think that the new G is more rounded with design because it wants to be more sleek in the design. Comparing with the angular "iron box" the new G feel more soft, which woman does not want to be gentle treated? It is therefore easier to get women's favor. This is also no different from what I thought. I can say that I am very precisely carefully analyzed in my mind very well.



The new G suspension is much more harder than the old G. The countermeasure is that the seat has a new upgrade. At the auto show, I have tried the driver's seat. Although it seems that there is nothing strange.Even i want to say, It’s looks not pretty. But when you are sitting in it is very comfortable, the head also has a comfortable package, like leaning on the sofa to drive. Even if you are driving with a new G long distance or off-road, it will be much easier than the previous generation G.

steering wheel

There is a slang said:"Not afraid of you are not knowing the goods, but afraid of goods comparing others." in China

And there was a old man who once said something similar :"You just take two things, one for good and one for bad, and take those to vegetables dealer. He can also distinguish between good or bad under comparing."If you look at the steering wheel of the new G, maybe you think it looks good. Personally think if compared to the past G with 18G it is genuinely not that much good.The old G looks there is a sense of sports and the new G steering style looks more business-oriented.Honestly i really do not think the past wheel looking good until the new G wheel that i have known there is no worst, only worse.Buying a car is not only about looking at the exterior, but in fact, you often use the interior instead of the overview. It is for others to see.Or maybe because of the preconceived notion, after you accepting a thing, you accept another thing that is similar, opposite, or even different from your personal core values. You will instinctively refuse this thing. As far as G is concerned, I still save my point.

my favourite G

G63 6x6

rear spare tire and bamboo made cargo bay

I know that this car for the first time is from Top Gear S21 E4.RH was driving 6x6 that can easily handle it in a swimming pool with a depth of 1 meter. Not only that, but in the desert, even in the face of a sand dune with a high drop and nearly vertical angle, it can be easily faced.

differential switches

6x6 as the name implies, 6 wheels, 6-wheel drive, 30:40:30 power distribution, wading depth up to 1 meter, at the beginning of the article, the general G-class has three fully locked differentials, and here are 5!

gauges Red is the fuel tank switch, yellow is the charge and discharge switch

This car weighs 3.75 tons, and some people may say that this car fuel consumption is definite. Mercedes-Benz will certainly think of this. Therefore, Mercedes-Benz has equipped the 6×6 with two fuel tanks. After one tank of oil is used up, you only need to move your finger and you only need to switch the tank button to change other fuel tank.

interior Credit official

The most unexpected thing is that this car like Unimog, can sit here and press the button to inflate or deflate the tire. Someone might ask what is the function use for?

rear shocks Credit motortrend

Because the temperature in the desert is relatively high, the tire pressure is reduced after deflation, first reducing the risk of puncture. The second is to increase the contact area and thus enhance the friction between the tire and the sand to obtain better power. Therefore, the owner can switch between the "mode" of the desert and the tarmac road. Usually this function is for military, and it continues to 6x6 here. What the hell? 6x6 can be used in water, desert, and rugged mountain roads. This shows Mercedes-Benz how desire trying to make potential customers into prospective customers.

The 6x6's existence is built for domineering , and the heart hides the desire to conquer all the arrogance and attack.


The 4x4² actually feels like a regular version and a 6×6 for middle transitional version.The high suspension means powerful off-road capability and that become synonymous with this car, which can be said to ignore all non-paved roads. It is carrying special king atmosphere.

4x4 just like a dancing girl in the desert what a view! Credit Google

The reason I like a large part of this car is because of the high suspension of this car. The high suspension has created the excellent performance in off-road, such as the king occupied a "hegemonic position" to ascend.

To the G wagon, known as the dominance of exterior. Regular is also eclipsed next to the 4x4. It seems that it is no longer a G in front of you. The G in your eyes is become a baby G, and 4x4 is called a giant G. There is no harmness without comparison. I personally just because I put 4x4 and ordinary G with 4x4 together to look and I have lost interest in ordinary G, so I like the 4x4.

last year,ChengDu Motor show display the 4x4² “Tyrannosaurus Rex” version with giant hinge

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The wheel distance has been widened and the 325/55 R22 tires give the car a more powerful wildness.

Mercedes Benz-Maybach G650 Landaulet

Landaulet is meant to be a "live-roofed wagon", and each generation of Landaulet models has a soft-top convertible structure above the back seat. The landaulet has some history in Mercedes-Benz the Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman landaulet 1965. The extended version is very beautiful.

In the name of the landaulet and more prestigious is the Maybach 62s landaulet 2007, the car from the name, Maybach provides technical support. Therefore, I like this car in large part because I like the 62s landaulet's convertible, and the G650 is a combination of two cars I like. Do I have any reasons for hate it?

Horch BL landaulet (left) Maybach 62s landaulet (right) PS: Audi is a Latin translation of horch from the German verb "horchen", meaning to listen

Is there anyone G wagon you like?If not comment below!