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mercedes benz r63 amg cool wall
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  • There are faster cars out there, but they aren't minivans. And on any given day, I know that I am probably faster than anything I will meet, and I have seating for 6! I enjoy passing people on the open road, but I also enjoy letting people pass me if they are in a bigger hurry than I am, because I know (even if they don't) that they couldn't pass me unless I allow it.

      14 days ago
  • I would have flamed anyone driving one of these when they came out. Mini Van much? But since the SUV/CUV revolution I have come to greatly appreciate these. Not to mention there is a sleeper among this type and that is the one to have. Smoke cars at the light trying to pass the ole minivan. No ya don't. 👍

      15 days ago