- Mercedes-Benz S560 Coupé

Mercedes-Benz S560 Coupé - PRESTIGIOUS DREAM


Many people told me that they feel too young for this car. I shall add that these people were older than me. Also, I always mentioned, that as a young guy, I don’t think I should feel comfortable in this kind of car. The truth turned out to be so different from these assumptions! Ever since I was a kid I always believed I will have my own Bentley or other luxurious limousine. The idea of luxury, the feeling of being important and respected, caused only by wealth insignias, always seemed very tempting. Secrete dream still exists but I wasn’t keen on sharing it. Up until this moment when one of the most prestigious Mercedes vehicles showed up on my driveway. Perfect time to see how will it feel, if I make it.

Mercedes-Benz S560 Coupé


Prestigious! Incredibly prestigious! How otherwise would you call a Mercedes, which has a length of a standard S Class, but is mostly made up of the hood. Surprisingly, bonnet which ends right before the horizon didn’t result in small and uncomfortable back seats. There is space for quite tall people. Although, without any surprise, it is not as comfy as the limo version. The price is also a component of the car’s prestige, as for Coupé version you have to put down over 76.5 k PLN (£16 k), more than for the of more practical standard S Class (and that’s before any options applied). Apart from the price, this Coupé has a big, strong engine, which ads to prestige atmosphere. However, it is not a loud engine if you don’t want it to be. It’s a luxury car, so if you don’t want it to scream, it will behave and hide its brutal nature. One of my friends, who is not interested in cars, asked me if the car is electric. I get him, Mercedes did such a good job with soundproofing, that it’s easy to make this mistake. Even when you are well over the speed limit on most of the public roads, you can whisper to the passenger, and he will be able to hear your every word.

S560 badge represents big V8 under the bonnet


Do you remember the first scene from “The Wolf of Wall Street”? The one, he drives his red Ferrari and then it changes colour to white with red interior. Someone in Mercedes Poland who configured this car might have been inspired by that car. White, metallic paint, with red interior, really draws attention, but I am not sure if I would go for such a colour arrangement. This part is not about colours though. S class has the most comfortable seats I have ever sat on. They are equipped in all the tech novelties available. Heating on a cold day, AC on a warm day, massaging option for stressful days, inflated pillows in the sides of the seats, so you don’t move while turning. The way it works is that one side of the seat slowly fills up with air when you start turning or manoeuvring. You will surely notice this feature at first, but over time it becomes natural and when you change cars, you will be surprised why is it ‘so shaky’ when you are turning.


Leather, although it’s red, is very pleasant. There is not a thing in the car which would be made from low-quality materials. The whole interior is filled with wooden accents and an additional "Designo" equipment. Each switch is metal, which enhances confidence and feels like it will never break, but... Let’s stop talking about the interior, which I am struggling to describe because of how fantastic it is. Enough to say interior of Mercedes S560 Coupé is a place where you want to be.

Interior of Mercedes-Benz S560 Coupé


The only concern I had prior to driving the car was that it will feel as engaging to drive as the extended S Class. Thankfully, I did not have any reasons to worry! The difference in driving experience between S560L and the version with hood ending just before the horizon is quite noticeable. S560L felt like it was driving itself. Steering wheel system was unengaging and loose, thanks to which you could easily relax behind the wheel. In the Coupé model, we can achieve a similar effect, as long as you turn the comfort mode on, although if we do wish this 5-metre-long road yacht can really show its character on twisty roads. Additionally, when you switch to Sport+ mode and open windows a bit, you can hear sounds which you are not expecting from a car unassigned as AMG. Eight-cylinder, four litter engine in V configuration is a motor generating, almost infinite amounts of torque. You always have the power, so you can always surpass or take the left lane on German Autobahns. Moreover, as I already mentioned, you can hear a loud exhaust in the appropriate, Sport+, mode.


Interestingly, this was not a car I wanted to drive fast, awareness of 700 Nm and 469 HP was enough. My favourite setting was the Comfort mode, with auto drive off. Steering wheel system gave a pleasant resistance, gearbox changed all of their 9 gears quickly and effortlessly, when at the same time response to gas pedal was not slowed down, like it tends to be in many cars in Comfort mode.

Your new wallpaper


If you like driving cars and like the feeling that you have everything under control, but at the same time you like to feel like you are the most important person on the road, who could surely buy a more expensive car but… why would you? Do you really get so much more from a car such as Bentley Continental GT or Rolls-Royce Wraith? I don’t think so… And the fact, that you can compare S Class Coupé to cars twice as expensive says a lot about it. Therefore, if you are looking for a grand tourer, but you don’t want to stand out on the road so much (just a bit…), then you should consider Mercedes S560 Coupé. However, if this car is not prestigious enough for you, AMG and Maybach offer different versions of this car, that you can look around for.

PS- Mikołaj, you did not mention fuel consumption!

-It consumes a lot of petrol, but assuming that you are getting a car with 4 litre V8 for 800 k PLN (converted to pounds it's about £167 k), then you should be prepared for often visits at the petrol station (consumed around 14-20 L for me)

Verdict: I wish it was my car.

Engine: 4.0 liter V8 BiTurbo 469 HP, 700 Nm

PS2 Thank you Ag!

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  • Not gonna lie, I tend to prefer the latest generation BMWs over their Mercedes rivals, but there's something special about driving an S Class. And while some recent Mercs have questionable, droopy styling, the S just looks mega!

    1 month ago
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