Mercedes Benz unveils the new 2021 S-Class and its a tech-fest

Comes with two engine options and headlights that can showcase warning signs on the road

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Aristocrats, bureaucrats and even some of the spoilt brats - your standard choice of luxury on wheels in its latest avatar is here. Mercedes Benz has finally taken the wraps off its latest flagship sedan, the seventh-generation S Class. While it may not look radically different from its previous iteration on the outside, the German carmaker has made significant changes to its business end - the cabin.

Tech-brimmed cabin

Starting with the now tech-brimmed front end of the cabin which houses a massive 12.8-inch spanning OLED screen at the centre. And that’s just one of the five screens getting equipped on the inside. The other set of screens comprise of the driver’s display measuring a whopping 12.3-inches diagonally and a bunch of smaller screens, both ahead and between the rear passengers. Overall, the luxury wagon denotes its dependence on screens by eliminating 27 buttons from its cabin.

The central infotainment screen comes embedded with Mercedes’ second-gen MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) which will function as the command centre for the car. Mercedes claims the display is now 64 larger with the software being 50 per cent more potent than its predecessor. The MBUX is said to understand 27 languages for voice commands and can play audio via its Burmester ® high-end 4D surround sound system which features up to eight exciters and 30 loudspeakers!

Numerous Massage programmes and HUD with Augmented Reality

Passengers sitting in the rear would feel cocooned in luxury as the seats are swathed in high-end Nappa leather with up to 10 different massage programmes on offer. If that isn’t aristocrat levels of luxury, then the additional heated cushion for the head restraint should be considered as the cherry on the cake.

If the rear passengers are busy getting comfortable and lazy, the driver or chauffeur (for most S Class owners) will enjoy the plethora of information being displayed in a 3D-centric manner. Up to two different head-up displays (HUDs) are available on request, with the bigger HUD introducing Augmented Reality into the foray. What this implies is while navigating through a route, animated turn-off arrows will present itself on the HUD for more effortless piloting. Plus, it gets Level 3 autonomous driving so the chauffeur might feel comforted and threatened at the same time.

Engine options

Powering this luxurious barge of a vehicle is a 3.0-litre in-line six-cylinder petrol engine along with a 3.0-litre six-cylinder diesel engine. Both get offered in two states of tune, and both have been carried over from the sixth-gen S Class. However, the petrol variant premieres the presence of an integrated starter-generator (ISG) along with a 48-volt mild-hybrid system. Power output for the petrol variant is rated at 367hp/500Nm and 435hp/520Nm. The diesel variant makes do with power figures of 286hp/600Nm and 330hp/700Nm.

Worried these mills wouldn’t make the S Class the perfect getaway car for the Albanian mafia? Don’t fret as Mercedes stated a V8 engine is expected to follow shortly. Additionally, a plug-in hybrid with an all-electric range of around 100 km is said to be launched in 2021 as well. Furthermore, an all-electric S Class with a 700km range is also on the cards.

Dynamic headlights and updated exteriors

Which leaves us with the exterior. Now, the front end does feature a new grille design along with an all-new headlight set up called the ‘Digital Light’ system capable of projecting spotlights in case of pedestrians on the road and symbolic signs to indicate roadworks. The lights can even project guidelines on narrow roads, a much-needed feature for developing countries. While all that makes the front end exceptionally clever and intuitive, the design still doesn’t come off as entirely elegant, when compared to its predecessor.

The rear features an all-new design theme with a new pair of wraparound taillights. While these slim lights aid the car in sitting well with the rest of its family line-up, I’m not sure if the rear end is good enough to get identified as the flagship sedan.

The Mercedes Benz S Class is accredited to hold the title of being the ‘gold-class in luxury’.

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Comments (42)

  • Honestly, the worst-looking S-Class ever!

      28 days ago
  • Looks crappy but it will sell like hotcakes...especially in China and US.

    Oh...hang on...that's why it looks crappy...

      27 days ago
  • I knew Mercedes topped their design abilities with the last generation, not only of the S class, but pretty much every other car. If you compare the previous generations with the current ones, especially of the CLS, E and now S class - the previous one looks actually more modern than this thing.

    The front is mediocre, but the rear is just straight up bad in my opinion, the lights look just unproportional and kinda japanese, not german. The last generation S class coupe was the best one for me, period.

      28 days ago
    • Agreed with almost everything you said, Jerzy!

      They're being unnecessarily aggresive with all their designs, especially when their brand ethos was to provide comfortable and elegant looking cars

        26 days ago
    • Yes exactly. It's a limousine, not a track day car.

        25 days ago
  • What's up with the Germans sudden fetish for big grilles.

      28 days ago
  • it is trying to look like the vintage Mercedes, the grosser but it looks like the hyundai genesis sedan. the interior is worst.

      27 days ago