Mercedes-Benz will use different grill designs to identify its vehicles

Mercedes-Benz are currently invested (and investing) in four different types of cars.

They're doing standard cars, obviously, then EVs, then AMGs and then, God bless them, Maybach.

The marketing/design heads at Mercedes have decided that all Mercedes-Benz cars should have one of four alternative grill designs depending on their purpose. Here they are:


AMG cars and standard cars with AMG packages and trim level will feature this grill with a big Mercedes three-point star exactly in the middle of it.


Maybach cars, uber-luxury division of Mercedes, will have this simple enough grill, with the three-point star above the grill and a little writing that says "Maybach" on it


That's the standard Mercedes-Benz grill design. Horizontal lines split into two sections and separated by a vertical line, with the three-point star above the grill


EQ, which for some reason stands for electric intelligence (I guess it's a wordplay between EQ and IQ), is the EV division of Mercedes and this is the grill that all Mercedes-Benz EVs will have. Big, obvious three-point star in the middle and horizontal lines all around it